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Family Reunion Locations & Venues

Are you looking to reconnect with family scattered across the country and plan the perfect family reunion? As you probably know, family reunions can be great fun, but the logistics can be a nightmare. Luckily, Unique Venues can help you find the right places for family reunions. For one, consider the following about family reunion locations:

It all starts with the family reunion venues. There are number of great places for family reunions. You can host family reunions anywhere – parks, restaurants, and universities – so take a look at your guest list when selecting a family party venue. If your family reunion includes small children, consider outdoor family reunion venues with picnic areas. Outdoor places to have a family reunion will offer many things to do for children of all ages. 

When it comes to food for your family reunion or friendly get-together, anything goes, from grub to gourmet. Our family reunion venues can work with you to meet your culinary needs. Happy hours with appetizers, buffet lines, and potlucks make easy and budget-friendly food options. Formal reunion dinners can be hosted in a full-service restaurant or catered with a customized menu for your occasion. Many of the family reunion venues we offer have a wide range of dining options to suit your needs.

Class Reunion Venues

Location matters for class reunion venues as well. For a class reunion, rent a room at a favorite haunt like the greasy spoon or the bowling alley. If you’ll have out of town guests, a college campus will make a convenient party place. Your class reunion should be at a venue that will facilitate everyone and provide you with enough space and amenities to make it a memorable event. Consider these factors when looking at venues for class reunions. Here are some other things to keep in mind for both family reunions and class reunions:

There are no shortage of food options you can choose from when you select a family or class reunion. Popular options include happy hours with appetizers, buffets, potlucks, and everything in between depending on your budget, the type of event, and your guest list. You can even select a family reunion venue with formal dinners hosted by a full-service restaurant or choose a customized catered menu. . Many of the family reunion venues we offer have a wide range of dining options to suit your needs.

If you need to arrange overnight accommodations for your event, consider booking a block of rooms for both out-of-town and local guests. You may get a discount and having all the attendees in one spot makes it easier to enjoy a family breakfast or slumber party with the girls.

From restaurants to ballrooms, Unique Venues has a variety of family and class event venues to make your next reunion or social gathering a hit. Start planning yours today! Check available rates by browsing our family reunion venues near you and class reunion venues by state, or use our assisted search.

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