A Warm Welcome From Unique Venues

At Unique Venues we believe that our team of experts is our greatest asset, enhancing experiences and partnerships through authentic human connection. Each team member at Unique Venues has an integral role within the company, supporting our mission to connect unique people with unique spaces.

Meet the Unique Venues Marketing, Operations, & Support Teams

Chuck_ Salem_Headshot

Chuck Salem | Owner

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Neal Burghardt | Owner

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Bear | CDO

Chief Distraction Officer
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Alyson Dello

Alyson Dello | Marketing

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Sara Eggleston

Sara Eggleston | Finance & Planner Relations

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Jeff Geiner | Support

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Joel Hauff - Unique Venues Team Member

Joel Hauff | Consulting

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Gretchen Messner | Marketing

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Renee Patton | Marketing

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Alanná Paul | Client Success

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Jill Pheffer - Unique Venues Team Member

Jill Pheffer | Client Success

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Corey Salem | Sales

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Kelly Sendek Headshot - Unique Venues Staff Member

Kelly Sendek | Special Projects

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Todd Wonders- Unique Venues Staff

Todd Wonders | Technology

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Deb Wevodau | Executive Assistant

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At Unique Venues, We Believe…

  • In supporting unique spaces and non-traditional venues in growing their business with intentional partnerships that create genuine connections and lasting impressions.
  • That at the core of being unique is an inherent inclusivity. We celebrate the notion that people gather for different reasons and that audiences are filled with humans of every race, gender expression, spiritual belief, sexual orientation, age, political leaning, and more.
  • Being unique is inherently cool. We accentuate being different and celebrate that we meet to a different drum.
  • Each and every venue is unique and so are the people who operate them. Diversity is in the fabric of our DNA and we strive to promote what makes your venue different.
  • In creating connections between planners and venues to achieve mutually beneficial goals.
  • That our Unique Venues team of experts is our greatest asset; we enhance experiences and partnerships through authentic human connection and trustworthy advice through a consultative approach.
  • Productivity can be enjoyable and we strive to be a source of good energy for those we work with and our partnership with venues is focused on enjoying the work we do with one another.
  • With determination and creativity, challenges should be faced head-on, learning from our experiences to help us continuously evolve.
  • In an ever-evolving industry, we thrive on being tenacious, making pivots and developing strategies with forethought and intention to meet the changing events industry landscape.
  • In filtering each lead that we send to make sure that you and the planner have the potential to achieve your goals while maximizing efficiency.

Discover Thousands of Unique Spaces in the U.S. & Canada

Every venue on UniqueVenues.com is unique in its own right and majority of these venues offer memorable experiences. And, because our venues are one-of-a-kind, planners can create wonderful opportunities for guests to do things they wouldn’t normally get to do while attending a meeting or event. So, what makes our venues unique? Well, there are a lot of factors – from location and décor to experiences and more – but in the simplest form, these are venues that are not your traditional hotel ballroom. You won’t find big name hotel chains on UniqueVenues.com – but you can expect to see big name arenas and stadiums, colleges & universities, boutique hotels, venues that sail, museums and art galleries, rustic barns, and SO MUCH MORE! Discover our venue type offerings and start your search for a unique space today.