About Our Staff Members

At Unique Venues we believe that our team of experts is our greatest asset, enhancing experiences and partnerships through authentic human connection. Each team member at Unique Venues has an integral role within the company, supporting our mission to connect unique people with unique spaces.


Neal Burghardt

Owner, Unique Venues


In August of 2018, Neal started with Unique Venues as the co-owner (with Chuck Salem) and COO of Unique Venues, and works with the fulfillment team on day-to-day operations. We are a very close-knit team who provide the many support services helping our clients maximize their profiles and increase their exposure within our planner community. Neal loves what he does as he get to dabble in the many activities that help make our Unique Venue clients experience special with personalize support. As a team, we always challenge ourselves, asking if we can improve the service we provide and the means to accomplish it.

When Chuck and Neal aren’t working, they are busy with family and friends, hosting a fun dinner, movie, or game night.  While they can be homebodies and love their time with our wonderful Berna-doodle named Bear, they  do love to travel when given the opportunity. Neal also enjoys spending time getting exercise playing tennis, pickleball or at the gym.

Chuck, Neal and Bear
  • I have a heart shaped birthmark
  • I was a farm kid and when I was a baby my parents had a pet raccoon
  • My favorite pastime is playing nerdy board games with my friends and family

What is your favorite game to play?

Spirit Island….you asked! LOL!

Map of Home Location

Neal calls beautiful Lewes, Delaware home

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