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Unique Experiences - Volume 2

Don’t Just Plan an Event…Plan an EXPERIENCE! (Vol. 2)

By: Maureen Leader

Check our latest list of unique spaces…with unique experiences. They have everything you need for a successful event - plus offer unique experiences that your guests will remember for years to come.

Unique Experiences

Don’t Plan on an Event… Plan an EXPERIENCE!
By: Maureen Leader

Lackawanna County Visitors Bureau

Meetings and corporate functions get creative in Lackawanna County when you incorporate historical venues, unique attractions, and delicious cuisine.

5 Things for Attendees to do When the Meeting’s Over in Washington D.C.

5 Things for Attendees to do When the Meeting’s Over in Washington D.C.

Why a Retreat is Good for Business

Some of the smartest corporate leaders know that building teamwork is an ongoing process.  As a result, more companies are investing in corporate retreat events in an effort to help employees to connect with each other and build stronger bonds.

What Are the Benefits of a Corporate Retreat?

Creating the Perfect Menu for Your Next Event

Five Simple Tips for Effective Event Budgeting

five tips for event budgeting

2018 Event Trends

What Are Some of the Top Tech Trends that Will Reshape Meeting Planning in 2018?

Choosing Southern New Hampshire University for Your Next Summer Event

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