Convene Unconventionally in 2024

Our trends show that planners search for venues to host conferences on UniqueVenues.com each February

We’ve got ideas to help you think outside the box for your 2024 and 2025 conferences!

In February 2023, 61% of the leads sent by UniqueVenues.com users were for professional & corporate events. Most of these leads were for conferences….so what does that tell us?

It confirms that our data trends for lead submissions each February are continuing to come from professional, government, and corporate planners planning for future conferences…and they want unique spaces to host them!

More and more planners are searching for a way to create a memorable experience for attendees, and what better way to do that than to host your conference at a Unique Venue? Gone are the days of using hotel ballrooms – they lack personality and don’t excite your attendees.

What if we told you there is a whole world of venues that host conferences that you may not have thought of before?

We’ve got you covered at Unique Venues!

Four Venue Types to Convene Unconventionally

Arenas & Stadiums

Arenas and stadiums aren’t just for the roar of the crowd during sports events anymore; they have seamlessly segued into some of the most sought-after settings for corporate conferences. These immense spaces can accommodate massive audiences, and their multi-purpose facilities make them excellent options for events that require a bit of spectacle. Just the sheer novelty of these venues can give your event the kind of stature and prestige that resonates with attendees long after they’ve left the stands.

Colleges & Universities

Colleges & Universities

The hallowed halls of academia offer more than just degrees; they often provide a productive space for thought leadership and the exchange of knowledge. Not to mention, these campuses are usually brimming with cutting-edge facilities – lecture halls equipped with the latest tech, dining halls and catering for luncheons and break-out sessions, and some conveniently offer overnight summer housing on-campus for multi-day conferences. Another bonus: many campus venues offer a one-stop shop experience making your planning hassle-free.

Conference Center

Conference & Business Centers

Though they may seem less unconventional than the first two categories, conference and business centers have evolved considerably in recent years. Today, these venues are architectural marvels housing state-of-the-art amenities, designed to host events of all sizes seamlessly. Their professional staff are adept at managing the logistics of a corporate event, from securing the right equipment to orchestrating last-minute changes. Convenience is key here, with many business centers located in the heart of urban hubs or near bustling transit points, offering ease of access for local and international attendees alike.

Historic Venues

Historical Sites

In an era that increasingly values authenticity, historic sites provide a rich canvas for conferences. The appeal of galleries, museums, and landmarks lies in their storytelling potential, adding layers of context and culture to the content of your event. Your guests will find a unique treat in the juxtaposition of modern presentations against a backdrop steeped in history. These venues often offer guided tours, interactive experiences, and the chance to network in chambers that once buzzed with centuries’ worth of significant artifacts.

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