20 Enchanting Venues to Make Your Holiday Engagement Unforgettable

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Happy couple that just got engaged for the holidays

20 Enchanting Venues to Make Your Holiday Engagement Unforgettable

Getting engaged is already a magical experience, but what if you could do it during the holidays? There’s something so special about a Christmas proposal, especially when you share the moment with friends and family. So, with that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the top 20 venues around the US and Canada to have a holiday engagement you’ll never forget.

For this list, we focused on cities that already have incredible holiday celebrations and festivities so you can surround yourself with the whimsical joy of the season during your Christmas proposal.

1. 1212 Germantown

Location: Nashville, TN

Nashville is already a pretty special place, but if you’re in Germantown during the holiday season, you know the area gets pretty decked out with the Christmas spirit. This historic neighborhood not only boasts a rich history but also hosts an impressive Christmas parade annually. You can perfectly time your holiday proposal to coincide with this festive celebration, adding an extra touch of magic to your special moment. This particular venue is ideal for smaller, more intimate parties where you can celebrate with your closest friends and loved ones. It’s the perfect blend of modern and traditional with interior and exterior spaces to help your engagement be as special as it should be.

2. Arcadian

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Creating a holiday engagement party means choosing a venue that allows you to express yourself and the spirit of the season. The Arcadian venue in Toronto offers wide spaces, high ceilings, and a blank canvas upon which to make your dreams come true. The space blends historic and modern elements perfectly, but you have to reserve your date well in advance because this place books fast!

3. Belcourt Castle

Location: Newport, RI

What could be more romantic than a beachside holiday proposal? Imagine elevating that moment by getting engaged in a historic mansion by the beach during the holiday season. Belcourt Castle offers just that – a dreamlike setting for your engagement or proposal. Its grandeur, reminiscent of the Gilded Age, provides a stunning backdrop for unforgettable Christmas engagement photos. With its exquisite decor and architecture, this castle not only sets the stage for a fairy tale proposal but also offers the perfect venue to complete your wedding story.

4. Casa Monica Resort and Spa

Location: St. Augustine, Florida

St. Augustine is already well-known for having a massive Christmas celebration every year, and you can host your holiday proposal in style at this elegant and stunning resort. Casa Monica Resort and Spa was built in 1888 and has since had multiple renovations and updates. However, the historical spirit still lives on within its walls, adding a sense of pomp and circumstance to your engagement party. Additionally, its proximity to the beach means you and your guests can bask in seaside bliss after your fiancée’s joyous ‘yes’!

5. Cirque Fantastic Concept

Location: Montreal, Quebec

Envision an engagement party that brings the thrill of the circus to life but with the elegance and flair of Cirque du Soleil rather than Ringling Bros. For those who adore acrobatics and high-flying spectacles, Cirque Fantastic is the ultimate venue to celebrate your engagement. Infuse your event with holiday magic for a truly unique and unforgettable show that perfectly blends celebration with awe-inspiring entertainment.

6. Diamond Ballroom

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia

What’s better than proposing against the Vancouver skyline in a rooftop venue called the Diamond Ballroom? If you’re going to be giving a diamond, you might as well book a space that exudes the same kind of timeless elegance and refinement. Because this ballroom is on the water, you get spectacular views, and during the holiday season, you get to experience the majesty and wonder of Vancouver all dressed up.

Cirque Fantastic Concept

7. Enzian Inn

Location: Leavenworth, WA

If you’re going to have a Christmas proposal, you should do it in a place that has that holiday warmth and glow everywhere you turn. Leavenworth is an Alpine village town in Washington, meaning the buildings are all designed to look like a quaint village in Bavaria. As you may imagine, Leavenworth is downright magical during the holiday season, with Christkindl markets and decorations everywhere. The Enzian Inn is at the heart of it all, and its rustic appearance is perfect to match the atmosphere of the moment. There’s even an alphorn serenade in the morning to help you wake up in style.

8. Fort Adams

Location: Newport, RI

If you like the idea of proposing in a bank vault but want something with a little more pomp and circumstance, Fort Adams is a step above. This event venue is built into an actual fort, so you will have stunning Christmas engagement photos that will create lasting memories. Plus, because it’s on the tip of a peninsula, you get fabulous views of the water and the rest of Rhode Island. Sunsets are gorgeous when you’re on top of the fort, creating a unique atmosphere you and your significant other will never forget. After they say yes, you can party in the fort all night long.

9. Great Lakes Aquarium

Location: Duluth, MN

Duluth is another town that takes Christmas seriously, so being there during the holiday season is an awesome experience. However, if you really want to elevate your proposal to the next level, why not pop the question with majestic marine life in the backdrop? The Great Lakes Aquarium in Duluth is a stunning venue that delivers a one-of-a-kind backdrop for your engagement party. Plus, you get full access to the exhibit hall, so you can enjoy a private tour of the facilities with your new soon-to-be spouse.

10. Historic Hotel Bethlehem

Location: Bethlehem, PA

If you want to add a dash of history and majesty to your holiday engagement party, there are few places better than the Historic Hotel Bethlehem. This venue has two stunning ballrooms, and you make use of different spaces to ensure your event is as magical and memorable as you want it to be. The history of the hotel dates back to the mid-1700s, although the original building is a far cry from what’s there today. The previous structure, the Golden Eagle Hotel, was in use back when George Washington was a sitting US president. That’s a lot of history and heritage to infuse into your proposal!

11. Huffman Manor

Location: North Pole, AK

If you’re going to have a Christmas proposal, why not do it at the North Pole? Best of all, you don’t have to go on an expedition to the Arctic Circle to do it! Instead, you can pop the question in North Pole, Alaska. After your fiancée says yes, you can head over to Fairbanks (about a 20-minute drive) and host your engagement party at Huffman Manor. The manor is a Tudor-style estate on a private three-acre lot. During winter, this venue becomes a gorgeous site with snow all around to help enhance your special moment. Best of all, if you have a smaller party, everyone can stay on-site for maximum convenience.

12. Icebar

Location: Orlando, FL

Some venues are full of history and majesty, while others are built to be as fun and exciting as possible. Snow and ice are not exactly common in Orlando, but they’re on full display at Icebar. This venue is in the heart of the city, and it’s built to be as memorable and exciting as possible. You can feel like you’re at the North Pole, even when it’s 80 degrees outside. Icebar is a full-service venue that can accommodate parties of 50 to 500 easily.

13. Ipanema Restaurant

Location: New York, NY

If you’ve ever experienced Christmas in New York, you know it’s a magical time of the year that will make your proposal even more meaningful. While you propose in front of a specific landmark (i.e., Rockefeller Center or Times Square), you may want to have your celebration party at a place like Ipanema Restaurant. This old-school joint is a blast from the past in the best way possible. You may even want to take advantage and host a flapper-themed engagement party. The food is just as delicious and memorable as the decor, so make sure you and your guests are hungry.

14. La Vibra

Location: New York, NY

While Ipanema offers a classic ambiance, La Vibra stands out with its modern and trendy atmosphere. Ideal for the chic power couple, this venue is the epitome of sophistication for celebrating your holiday engagement. Boasting brand-new, world-class facilities, La Vibra invites you and your guests to revel in style, making it one of Manhattan’s most glamorous destinations for an all-night celebration.

15. Maggiano’s Little Italy Restaurant

Location: Orlando, FL

While you don’t have to have Italian heritage to book your engagement party at Maggiano’s, a love for Italian flair certainly adds to the experience. Situated in downtown Orlando, this venue captures the city’s magic, offering you and your guests a four-star dining experience. Orlando, with its festive charm, is an ideal spot for a holiday proposal, particularly if you’re including a visit to Disney World. While the theme parks promise fun, intimate settings like Maggiano’s provide the perfect ambiance for cherished, quiet moments with your loved one.

Image Courtesy of Sayre Mansion

16. The Sayre Mansion

Location: Bethlehem, PA

If you have high-class tastes, you deserve to get engaged in a high-class venue. The Sayre Mansion is one of the most incredible venues in Pennsylvania, and it’s perfect for a holiday engagement as it gets decked out during the festive season. The building dates back to the 1850s, and you’ll feel like royalty as you walk through the halls and admire the architecture. It’s a venue fit for a queen, so make sure to create a regal engagement party to celebrate the momentous ‘yes.’

17. Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort

Location: Leavenworth, WA

Because Leavenworth is a mountain town, it makes sense to stay on the mountain during your visit. The Sleeping Lady is designed as a retreat center, meaning it’s full of intimate spaces for smaller groups and crowds. So, if you’re planning a smaller engagement celebration, this venue is perfect. The views of the surrounding wilderness are spectacular, and the rustic setting of the resort is unmatched in quality and beauty. Plus, you can go to the Christmas markets in town when you need an extra dose of holiday cheer.

18. The Stovall House Inn and Events

Location: Helen, GA

Helen is another Alpine village town in Georgia that rivals Leavenworth for its attention to detail and unbridled Christmas spirit. The Stovall House is located just outside of Helen, and it’s a gorgeous estate that will make you believe in magic. The surrounding scenery is stunning, and you may even see some snow, depending on when you visit. However, we suggest you explore Helen for at least a day to experience the delights that the Christkindl markets have to offer.

19. Williamsburg Inn

Location: Williamsburg, VA

Colonial Williamsburg’s whimsical charm makes it an exceptional choice for a holiday engagement, appealing even to those who aren’t history enthusiasts. The city transforms into a festive wonderland during the holidays, reminiscent of a scene from ‘A Christmas Carol.’ The Williamsburg Inn, established in 1937, offers the ideal setting to propose. Merging old-school elegance with modern conveniences, it provides a memorable backdrop for your engagement party in a place steeped in tradition and history.

20. Williamsburg Winery

Location: Williamsburg, VA

What’s a holiday engagement party without a little wine? The Williamsburg Winery is a perfect venue for popping the question, and you can host your soon-to-be spouse and all your family in a historic and captivating venue space. The entire building and surrounding grounds are impeccable, and they’re downright gorgeous during the holiday season.

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