The 2023 Planner’s Choice Venue Youth Retreats & Camps

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In the stunning city of Santa Cruz, California, the University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC) earns this year’s Planner’s Choice Award for Youth Retreats & Camps. With a commitment to providing a unique and enriching experience for young minds, UCSC’s campus becomes a haven for a variety of youth retreats and camps every summer.

UCSC welcomes a spectrum of youth and sports camps to its campus, providing a rare opportunity for young participants to experience the richness of a higher education environment. UCSC’s commitment to facilitating diverse sports and recreational activities is evident in its state-of-the-art sports facilities. Taking advantage of the outdoor scenery and sunshine, UCSC’s expansive field overlooking the picturesque Monterey Bay serves as an ideal setting for rugby, soccer, lacrosse, running, and cheer camps, while its indoor facilities are perfect for basketball, volleyball, and dance camps.

The combination of outdoor fields and indoor facilities ensures that youth camps have access to top-notch amenities, creating an environment conducive to both athletic development and enjoyment.

Beyond the sports fields, UCSC’s campus provides a unique opportunity for youth camps to engage in in-depth learning amidst the Redwood Forests and sandy beaches. The campus offers a wide variety of classrooms, lounges, libraries, and social spaces, allowing youth participants to delve into educational pursuits while surrounded by the natural beauty of Santa Cruz.

For planners seeking a venue that offers a perfect mix of natural beauty and top-notch facilities, the University of California, Santa Cruz is the ultimate destination for youth retreats and camps that leave a lasting impact on participants’ minds and hearts!

Cheers and Congratulations to Our Planner’s Choice Award Winner Venue for Youth Camps & Retreats!