Find Unique Venues, Meet to Your Own Drum

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Find Unique Venues, Meet to Your Own Drum

As a seasoned event planner, finding the perfect meeting space is crucial to creating an event that resonates with your clients and attendees. Our website, UniqueVenues.com, stands out as an invaluable tool in your search for an unconventional space that truly captures the essence of your event. Many planners have indicated that 2024 is the year to book totally unique locations – read on and see why we’re the trusted platform of professional meeting and event planners in the USA and Canada.

Venues That Are Anything But Ordinary
UniqueVenues.com offers a selection of nontraditional venues like arenas, stadiums, camps & retreat centers, colleges & universities, special event venues, historic sites, and party venues that can add an unprecedented level of vibrancy to your event. By deviating from the standard hotel meeting room, you can curate an experience that is memorable and sets your event apart!

Detailed Venue Profiles
One of the standout features of UniqueVenues.com is the detailed information provided on each venue’s profile. This can save you a significant amount of research time, offering everything from venue specifications to some providing 360-degree tours, helping you make an informed decision. Each venue profile has what we call a “Get-a-Quote” form where you can send information about your events to our Venue Advisors who qualify every lead before sending your information to the venue.

Knowledgeable Venue Advisors to Help You
Our platform provides access to Venue Advisors, whose expertise can be instrumental in connecting you with venues tailored to your specific needs. This personalized assistance comes without any cost, giving you a dedicated support system to help navigate the plethora of options available. Think of them like your venue matchmaker – you provide the specs of what you’re looking for in an event space and they can help you find the perfect venue to suit your needs.

A Trusted Resource for 38 Years
UniqueVenues.com is not a newcomer to the scene; with a 38-year history, we are among the most established platforms for identifying and securing unique event spaces. We’ve partnered with a diverse range of venues, giving you unparalleled access to some of the most interesting locations available for your gatherings.

If you’re a professional event planner looking to elevate your next event, leveraging the array of services offered by Unique Venues can be a game-changer. From an expansive selection of distinctive spaces to personalized assistance and a user-friendly interface, our platform is a must-visit for anyone aiming to enhance the experience they provide for their clients and guests.