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Event trends, planner tips, and venue marketing ideas by Unique Venues.

University of Cincinnati named one of 2011's most beautiful and inspiring college campuses by Travel & Leisure Magazine...

One walk through the University of Cincinnati's campus and you see why it made both Travel & Leisure Magazine's and
  • The Graylyn International Conference Center Begins Renovations of the Mews

    The historic Graylyn International Conference Center, which has played host to presidents, world leaders and entertainers, is regarded as one of North Carolina's most unique executive meeting venues.

    The search for a fun corporate retreat idea

    Much like Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, and other mythical legends, the idea of a fun corporate retreat

    can be hard to imagine.  After all, work can be stressful sometimes, so the concept of a "fun at work" may not be so easy for some to grasp.

    Unique wedding trends for 2012

    The holidays are in full-swing, and often that means that lots of excited brides will soon emerge onto the market.  Whether they come to you with magazine clippings in hand or have no idea what they want, we've scoured the Internet to find some of the latest wedding trends for 2012.

    Holiday fare: Creative menu ideas for holiday parties

    Charged with planning the menu for your holiday party?  Stay on top of the latest trend, and create some unforgettable food-drink pairings.

    Ditch the traditional buffet table and create food-drink pairing stations throughout the room.  Several mini-meals not only appeals to each guest's tastes, it also distributes food throughout the room, meaning guests are more likely to circulate and mingle.

    Changing the game for on-campus room rentals: UCLA Conference Services

    College dorms used to be synonymous with bland architecture, hallway water fountains, and those long, twin mattresses that sheets never fit on.  UCLA is changing that perception, though, with a new fleet of suites that are making meeting and event planners stop in their tracks.  Are these really today’s dorm rooms?

    Unique Halloween Party Ideas

    Halloween’s fast approaching, and if you’re in charge of planning a Halloween event or party, there’s certainly a ton of options for you.  In fact, the fall event has its own association, the Halloween Industry Association, a trade organization begun in 2005 to represent businesses involved in the Halloween industry.

    While there’s no shortage of fake spider webs and plastic pumpkins at stores, you may be on the hunt for something a bit more… unique.

    For that, we have these three suggestions.

    Taking a step back in time at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum

    If taking a step back in time is your thing (or if you’re just looking for a really cool venue), The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum in Springfield, IL is more than a place to soak up some history.

    Evaluating your events- the easy way

    When the last floor has been swept after your event, you probably want to kick your feet up way more than evaluate your event’s success. But measuring what worked and what didn’t is an integral park in evaluating your event’s ROI.

    Here are some key tips for how to incorporate evaluations into your next planning process...

    From the venue to the food: Tips for throwing your own tailgate themed-party

    It’s that time of year again. The air’s getting crisper, school’s starting, and NFL football season will soon be upon us.

    But before those NFL teams hit the field, they have to find some place to practice.  Did you know that some NFL teams call colleges and universities home in the late summer?  These venues’ fields are the perfect location for these professional athletes AND for corporations or groups looking to include outdoor activity into their retreats.
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