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Cruise Ships

Inside The Industry: Cruise Control

Meetings unplugged? Yes, it’s happening. The latest trend in conference technology seems to have come down to putting the smartphones away, shutting down the laptops and iPads and logging out of Twitter and Facebook. In unprecedented numbers, more and more conference goers (if not people in general) are actually volunteering to go offline and get back to meeting basics. The days when status updates qualified as face-to-face interaction and a social network was the group of people you were stuck in a ropes course with for half a day.

Meetings on the Water

Have you ever held your event on a floating meeting room? Cruise Ships are the ideal non-traditional venue for meetings. 

Industry Updates: News & Awards

The Marcum Hotel & Conference Center Renovates “Down to the Soap Dish”

From football stadiums to decked-out cruise ships, one-of-a-kind venues provide atmosphere, culture and amenity...

According to the dictionary, unique is an adjective that means “being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else.” Nothing could come closer to describing the special collection of event venues that have broken out of the traditional mold, creating an industry model that values originality and memorability. Here we breakdown just what makes the seven segments of Unique Venues, well, unique.


New York State Offers Uber Varieties

By Mark Polaski

New York State is often differentiated from “New York” which heralds the great City of New York, and accounts for nearly 40% of the states population. However the state offers a broad spectrum of surroundings, from rural farmlands to vineyards, to the most chic of urban environments.

Looking for a Great Place to Host Your Event? Keep Georgia on Your Mind.

by Mark Polaski

From East to West, New York State Offers Big Variety.

by Mark Polaski

Nothing evokes images of the promise of the American Dream like New York.  The “Empire State” as it’s known, conjures nostalgia and has signature locations like New York City, The Finger Lakes and Niagara Falls. It has called millions globally to it’s heart and is the pulse of our Nation.

Emerging trend: Holding meetings or conferences on a cruise ship

If you’re looking for savings but still want to deliver a memorable meeting or conference, a cruise ship may be what you’re looking for.  With great group discounts, beautiful scenery and lively entertainment from around the world, more planners are requesting cruise ships than ever.

Consider a Cruise for Your Next Event or Meeting

Are you looking for an exciting and one-of-a-kind venue for your next event or business meeting? Consider taking your group on a cruise!

The Carolina Girl in Charleston, SC

Private Party Venues Charleston SC