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Cultural Venues in the Mid-Atlantic

Make Your Next Event Unique & Memorable with Smooth Sailing Celebrations

Hip Places to Hold Your Next Event in the Midwest

The Midwest can sometimes suffer from a branding problem. We all know that the coastal cities are hip and cool, but the Midwest often gets a bad rap. In truth, it is much more than “Flyover Country.” There are amazing places to check out in Middle America, and more Millennials are moving to the Midwest or staying put there for a very simple reason: it is much more affordable. A studio apartment in NYC could cost as much in rent a month as a four bedroom house in Bloomington, IN.

A Guide to Some of the Best Venues in New England for Your Fall Event

Was there anyone who described an autumn in New England better than Henry David Thoreau? Born in Massachusetts, Thoreau was most famously known for his essays on nature, civil disobedience, and minimalism. His final major literary work was an essay on fall leaves called "October, or Autumnal Tints." In this piece, Thoreau wrote about the bold and vibrant colors that make New England in autumn the idyllic setting for conferences, weddings, business meetings, and more.

Here Are Some Effective Ways to Make Your Event More Interactive

What Are Some Ways to Engage Your Event’s Attendees during Downtime

Tips for Planning the Perfect Family Reunion at a Retreat Center

How to Stay Connected after a Conference

When you attend a conference, you are with like-minded professionals who are eager to learn about new products and trends in the industry. Oftentimes, there will be social events to increase engagement, and many of you will stay in the same hotel and eat at the same restaurants.

Summer Fundraising Themes for Your Next Event

From a Meeting Planner Perspective: How to Manage Difficult Clients