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Happy Hour: Strawberry Sweet Tea

By Courtesy of Springfield College, Springfield, MA


6 cups washed strawberries
3 family sized tea bags
2.5 cups sugar
½ cup fresh lemon juice
     zest of 2 oranges

To prepare:
1. Boil 2 gallons of water
2. Steep all the tea bags for about 15 minutes. Pull the tea bags out, and while the tea is still hot, pour in the sugar.
3. Take the orange zest and whisk into your tea
4. Allow to sit a couple of hours in the fridge, then blend the lemon juice into the tea.
5. Muddle the strawberries in a bowl (or put in a blender).
6. Whisk together in your tea and serve ice cold over crushed ice.

Makes 16 servings.

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