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Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding the Unique Venues website.  If you don't see your question addressed in the information below, please don't hesitate to call us.
Ann McKenzie                                        

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Helpful Links & Downloads

Unique Venues Staff List (link)
Marketing Brochure (PDF)
Ad Mechanicals and Specifications Sheet (PDF)
Venue Showcase Worksheet (PDF)
Email Blast Specifications (PDF)



What is an expanded profile?

An expanded profile differs from a standard venue online profile because it houses multiple pages of information on your venue. In addition to the venue home page, an expanded profile features separate pages for event spaces, catering, accommodations, dining, technology, area attractions and testimonials.  Click here to see an example.

What is a Venue Showcase?

A Venue Showcase is Unique Venues’ version of a virtual tour. Think of it as an automated presentation that automatically loads when it is clicked on. The presentation includes still images and a voice over narrative that tells the viewer about your venue and your services.

Unique Venues produces this tour for you. You need to provide your narrative and your images. Click here to download a complete instruction sheet that will guide you through the process of collecting your VenueViewer materials.

My venue already has a video tour. Can we use this in place of a VenueViewer?

Yes!  If your membership includes a tour, you can now upload your own video by following the instructions below.
  1. Find the video on YouTube
  2. Click Share (underneath the video)
  3. Click Embed
  4. Copy that link (sample:
  5. Log into the member's area and go to 'Edit Your Profile'. Open the General Info link and scroll down to the YouTube Video Gallery section.
  6. Paste the YouTube URL into the URL box.  You can also add a name for your video, i.e. Conference Services,  and click the Save button to make the video live
  7. Go to Overview to look at your profile and click on the Launch Video Tour link to be sure the video is opening correctly. If it does not upload correctly, please send the link to and we'll upload it for you.

What if I forget my log in information?

The Unique Venues team can help you to log into your members area. Email or phone 866.266.6857 for assistance with your user ID and password.

How do I log out of the members’ area?

To log out of the member’s area, click on the logout link in the dashboard or at the top right side of the page. 

How many photos can I add to my photo gallery?

All membership levels include up to 30 photos in the main gallery.

How many photos can I add to each additional page?

The number of images you include in each additional page is really up to you. We suggest you try to add at least three to five photos/entries to each page.

What size should the photos be?

Images uploaded to your online profile should be low resolution (low rez) or 72 dpi. For the online photo gallery, the images are a bit larger in size and should be 500 pixels wide by 400 pixels tall. Images for the thumbnails displayed on microsite pages should be 125 pixels wide by 125 pixels tall.

What size should my logo be?

The logo you upload to your online profile should be no larger than 72 dpi and 130 pixels wide by 70 pixels tall.

What if I can’t resize the images myself?

The Unique Venues staff can resize all of your images and upload them to your online profile free of charge. To get this process started, either mail a CD of your images, complete with your photo captions to the address listed below or email them to Ann McKenzie at
Unique Venues
Attn: Ann
225 Main Street
Opal Building, Ste G-1
Edwards, CO 81632

How do I know if the photos and logo uploaded correctly?

To view your newly uploaded images, log out of the members area and conduct a search for your venue using the search for a venue link at the top of the page. Click on your venue from the search results page to view your profile. You may need to clear your cache on your web browser if the images do not automatically load. This is because some web browsers store images and you may need to clear that storage to see the new images. Try clearing your cache through the preferences area of your web browser.

How do I post News to my profile?

To post news to your profile and to the Unique Venues website in general, you can click on the 'Share your Venue News and Deals' link in the member’s area of  You can also send your press releases to and we'll post it for you

Note: This post does not go live automatically. The Unique Venues team will review the news and post it to your site, to our homepage and to our news page within

How do I post a Hot Deal to my profile?

To post a hot deal to your profile and to the Unique Venues website in general, click on the 'Share your Venue News and Deals' link in the member’s area of

Note: This post does not go live automatically. The Unique Venues team will review the special offer and post it to your site, to our homepage and to our hot deals page within

Is there a limit to how many rooms I can add to my additional pages?

There is no limit to the number of rooms you can add to your microsite pages. After you enter a room and save it, you'll see a link to add another.

How do I view my statistics for my online profile?

Unique Venues tracks how many times your profile is viewed, how many times your contact information is viewed and how many times a planners asks us to send you information through our site. This information is housed in two different areas of our site. You must be logged in to view your statis.

To view a month-to-date total of your statistics during the current month, click on Member Stats. The report that displays includes activity for only the current month. When the month ends, the stats will reset and begin at 0 again for the new month.

To view your venue stats across several months or years, click on the Member Stats History link. The report that loads will include stats for as far back as three years, provided you were a member of Unique Venues for that time period.

How do I view the leads I’ve received through Unique Venues?

Unique Venues sends leads to our members which are collected through a variety of ways. Planners can phone the Unique Venues planner line for help in finding a venue for their meeting or event. They can also request assistance in finding a venue through’s assisted search service. Planner can also request information about a group of selected venues from the search results page. Finally, a planner can specifically request information about your venue directly from your online profile.

To view the leads distributed to your venue through Unique Venues, you must be logged into the member’s area. Once logged in, click on the Leads link in the dashboard to view the leads we have sent to you.

What are Open RFPs?

Unique Venues communicates with hundreds of planner each day. Sometimes planners don’t know exactly where they would like to hold their meeting, conference or event. In this case, they ask that we post their event needs in our Open RFP page. This page contains information on many different meetings and events that planners are currently coordinating. Click on the name of the event to view the details we have on file about the planner and his or her needs. You can contact the planner directly to learn more about hosting the event at your venue.
Talk to a Venue Specialist: 1-877-244-6110