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What Are Some Ways to Engage Your Event’s Attendees during Downtime

What Are Some Ways to Engage Your Event’s Attendees during Downtime

During a conference, your attendees are bound to have some downtime. You can have the best speakers and relevant education sessions, but there will be times when attendees will be free to walk around the venue. If you plan in advance, this “free time” can be an excellent opportunity to engage your attendees further and create a memorable experience for them. Here are a few examples of conferences doing just that and making the most out of downtime.

Go to a Conference, Get a Free Haircut: The Fatherhood & Male Achievement Conference will be held on August 12 in South Carolina.  Fox Sports’ Chris Broussard will be the keynote speaker. In addition to free breakfast, lunch, and a t-shirt, one of the ways conference organizers will bring people to the event is by offering free haircuts throughout the conference.1

Conferences and Toys Go Hand-in-Hand: What do you do if you’re holding your first convention and want to bring in as many as people as possible and create a buzz? If you’re Hasbro, you introduce a new toy and provide early access to die-hard fans of the toy company. HasCon, which is what the convention will be called, will feature some really cool toys, including a giant Optimus Prime power bank and a Captain Rex figurine.2 When attendees have some downtime, they can have the opportunity to shop for these toys and many others. The event will take place in Providence, Rhode Island.

Make the Venue the Event’s Main Attraction: The Automotive Service Association (ASA) recently announced that it will hold its annual meeting and conference at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort.3 When attendees aren’t in sessions or listening to speakers, they will be able to use their downtime to explore the resort. This is just one example of how the venue can be the attraction. 

At Unique Venues, we believe that an event venue can have a significant impact on the success of an event, which is why we specialize in helping event organizers find exceptional and different venues that can facilitate their conference or meeting. From college campuses to movie theaters, we have connected organizers with a wide variety of venues that can provide attendees with ample things to do when there is some downtime. 


During this global pandemic, the team at Unique Venues has been working to serve our industry planners and venues with free resources including roundtables, webinars, and workshops. You can visit our COVID-19 Resources page to learn about our upcoming programs this month and next that you may be interested in registering for. Be sure to follow Unique Venues on Facebook (@uniquevenues) and be on the lookout for Facebook Live sessions from Unique Venues CEO, Chuck Salem who will be providing tips and trends for weathering the storm.