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Welcome-Marketing to the Masses, VARK

Welcome-Marketing to the Masses, VARK
staff_chuck.jpgIt's time to BLOG!

We're onto this Web 2.0 thing…so hold on tight, we're beginning a BLOG!

I'm new to this, and I'm sure many of you are too…but don't hesitate! I will be sharing my thoughts along the way, and asking you for yours. Insights, tips, perplexing questions, trends are all in store for you. So join me for the ride. It might be bumpy at first, but I promise….it will be worthwhile! BLOG AWAY!

Marketing to the Masses

Ever think about how you REACH your customers and potential customers? Are you flexible and versatile in your approach to marketing and selling? I just heard Joan Eisenstodt speak at the ACCED-I conference and she shared with us the VARK approach. What is VARK? Check it out at Basically, VARK stands for visual, aural, read/write, and kinesthetic which are the four different learning styles used by most consumers. On this site, you can take a quick inventory that will help you understand your preferred learning style.

Check it out. I am a kinesthetic learner, meaning I prefer to learn experientially. It struck me that most often when we market, we unintentionally tend to think one dimensionally, and typically that one dimension is the one we most personally prefer. Don't get stuck in YOUR rut. Diversify your marketing and sales approaches!

Chuck Salem, President
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