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Unique Experiences: Planning Your Event at a Spooky Space

Unique Experiences: Planning Your Event at a Spooky Space

Unique Experiences: Planning Your Event at a Spooky Space

A door slowly opens. A light suddenly switches off. A shiver races down your spine. The floorboards creak. The sound of footsteps and whispers fill the venue. If you are looking for a hauntingly good time, choose a spooky space to host your next event. Planning your party, reunion, or meeting at an eerie venue has many advantages in the eyes of a planner – stunning interior and exterior, easy to decorate, and it offers a conversation starter for guests to ensure they have a memorable experience.

When your guests arrive at your event venue, the first aspect they will notice is the gorgeous exterior. Most of the time, haunted venues were built in the early 1900s and feature Gothic style stone structures or jaw dropping mansions that take you back to the Gatsby era. They are usually vintage venues because it has taken many years to have the ghostly feeling settle into the space. Usually accompanying these spaces is a gorgeous garden surrounded by dense woods. Sometimes these mansions or structures are perched high on a hill. They’re not very common spaces, so they’re found in uncommon places. If your guests are lucky, they might even see someone standing in the window on the second floor or the curtain flutter as they enter the venue.

As your guests walk inside of your spooky event space, they will be amazed with the stunning architecture of the space. Most spaces are century old manors or were once cathedrals or castles, so their interior is sure to be impressive. Guests may pass a grand staircase on their way into the ballroom. Hopefully they won’t be startled if the empty staircase starts to creak as the party ensues. When they enter the main room, tall, curtained windows will line the walls. Elaborate fireplaces and chandeliers will enchant your guests and take them back to a different century. When you choose an older venue, your guests are guaranteed a gorgeous event space, and they might even feel chills race down their spine as they walk past a dark staircase or hear footsteps shuffling down the hall.

Because of the stunning interior, you will not have to spend as much time decorating as you normally would. Utilize antique decorations such large candlesticks and velvet or lace table runners. Add darker elements such as flowers and table linens to continue to set the mood for your event. An added spooky feature would be to add extra candles and have your guests enjoy the party in candlelight. With this dark atmosphere and ghostly venue, your guests’ imaginations will run wild with thoughts of everything that goes bump in the night.

Finally, hosting your event at a spooky venue serves as a great conversation starter for your guests. Whether something creepy happens during your event or not, the eerie venue is sure to leave a lasting impression in the minds of your guests. With the beautiful interior and exterior, your guests will be amazed with the stunning event space. The next time you are in need of a venue for your event, book the unordinary, spooky space. You won’t be disappointed! 

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