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Tips for hosting a green event

Tips for hosting a green event
We all love parties, the holidays and special occasions, but with each celebration comes the opportunity to spend a lot of cash on decorations, food, clothes, venues and the bits and bobs that make that perfect party. That said, you have the potential to make sure that your festivities do not cost the earth - in more ways than one! Environmentally friendly festivities are just as easy to plan and throw as their not-so-green counterparts. By choosing local, seasonal, organic, recycled or reusable items, one can add massive amounts of charm and character to any event. By re-purposing what you already have, buying only what you need, sharing and swapping, you limit waste destined for the landfill.

How green can you go?

Throwing an eco shindig is simple. People have held some pretty impressive green events in the past, from recycled weddings and organic Halloweens, to sustainable stag parties. The limit to how green your big bash will be is totally up to you. A green event is one that ultimately utilises ecologically friendly ways and means to help protect the environment, both now and in the future.

Step-by-step guide to green events

1. Send invitations out electronically. If the occasion calls for printed invites, look into recycled paper or paper from sustainable sources, and try printing with vegetable inks.

2. Choose a venue that already practices environmentally friendly processes in event hosting.

3. Work with suppliers that have already made a commitment to support your green event.

4. Food can make a party memorable or it can break a party - and the planet. Reduce the carbon footprint of your catering and the amount of waste you throw away the next day.

5. Reusable dishes, utensils, tablecloths, and napkins can be washed instead of being thrown away, and adds both style and substance to any party.

6. Decorate your party using greenery from the garden, organic seasonal fruit, potted herbs, twigs, and fresh flowers.

7. Dress green. There is nothing more fashionable than that little black dress, made from renewable resources. Or better yet, save some cash and help out the environment by popping in to a vintage clothes store. Halloween has never been so green.

8. Create an elegant ambiance, by lighting your party with eco-friendly candles, made from beeswax or soybean. Choose a variety of sizes and shapes for indoors and hang lanterns outdoors.

Benefits of going green at events

There are a number of benefits of hosting or organising a green event. Firstly, you stand out from the crowd, by doing something that is unique. You also conserve vital environmental resources, stop waste from entering over-burdened landfills, and help develop a market for innovators and entrepreneurs to create fanciful delights for your next celebration.

Check out Green 24 for more advice on living green.  Find LEED certified and other green-friendly venues at Unique Venues.
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