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Life Beyond the Event: How Event Planners Can Avoid Burnout

Life Beyond the Event: How Event Planners Can Avoid Burnout

If you find that you’re spending a lot of time at work, you’re not alone. According to an Ernst & Young survey of more than nine thousand employed adults from all around the world, long hours are one of the biggest critiques people have about their jobs. Many find that finding a steady work-life balance is nearly impossible – especially if they have children. More than 40 percent of those surveyed said that they were asked to work longer hours, and many work flexible hours when they are expected to be reachable at all times.

One of the toughest jobs for maintaining a healthy work-life balance is event planning. According to a study done by CareerCast, an event planner was listed as the sixth most stressful job in 2016. To provide you with context, this was ahead of a corporate executive, a taxi driver, and a newspaper reporter. When you consider the job, though, it’s very easy to see why event planning is so stressful. It involves tight deadlines, long hours, and an insane amount of pressure. Given the stakes, mistakes simply can’t be made.

If you have felt stressed out before, you know the many effects it can have. You may lose sleep, not eat right, and just feel generally unwell. Your mood may not be so bright as well. While caffeine can help a little bit, it’s not a fix. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance and managing stress may require some changes, but those changes can help you avoid burning out, which does happen in the industry. Here are several things you may consider implementing in your day-to-day life:

Start Your Day with Breakfast: Your body needs fuel in the morning to get going as you may not have eaten for 12 hours or more. Although it might be tempting to rush out the door, many nutrition experts would agree that you would be better served eating a good meal in the morning. Also, avoid crashes later on in the day by packing nuts or another nutritious source of energy.

Consider Listening to Classical Musical: According to one study, people who listened to classical musical were able to calm down much quicker than those who listened to jazz or pop music. If you find that your blood pressure is going through the roof because of an issue, try listening to some Vivaldi for a few minutes to see if that helps. A few deep breaths couldn’t hurt as well.

Become an Expert on Sleep: There’s no question that we all need quality sleep. Sleep deprivation has been linked with a host of chronic conditions, and if you’re not sleeping well, you’re not doing your best work. Create the perfect sleep environment (cool and dark room with no blue light), go to bed at the same time every night, and do not bring your work with you to the bedroom.

At Unique Venues, we work with event planners all of the time so we understand how hard their job can be. We are also here to help. If you’re having trouble finding that perfect venue, check out the event locations we have listed in your area today. We can help you manage the stress of finding a venue so you can concentrate on the myriad of other things on your To-Do list. 
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