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Lesson 2 in Customer Service with Chuck Salem

Lesson 2 in Customer Service with Chuck Salem
Our second installment of the customer service series with Chuck Salem is about practical steps to implementing quality customer service at your venue. These steps will set your staff and venue up for success in fostering relationships and quality events for your client.

1)   Who will be at the table? Define what key people will be in attendance for  meetings between the client and the venue. Identify these people in advance so that there is consistency in who the client will be working with. This will also create relationships and ensure that your customer service is based on understanding their needs across multiple meetings. Make sure the people in these meetings are listening for what matters to the client and what will effect a “win” at the end of the day.

2)   Establish Proactive communication

Think about what forms of communication can be sent out before they are ever asked for. Send maps of your property before they are ever asked for. What is on the dining menu? Send that in advance too. The key here is to leave the client with the feeling that they are being taken care of especially since they have a million tasks on their agenda. Being proactive also gives the event planner the reassurance that you are there to take care of them, even if there are other events happening at your property.

3)   Be present. This goes back to who will be at the table. Identify who will be the main point of contact from your venue and ensure that person is available throughout the conference, day or night. This means having a welcoming presence at check-in AND check-out. It doesn’t matter if these times overlap a weekend day, make it happen. Show up and be seen. Greet your guests and offer them hospitality that will leave them feeling welcomed and valued during their time at your venue.

Next week we will be back to share Chuck’s advice on how to handle the “hater’s” in customer service.
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