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Hats off to the royal wedding trends

Hats off to the royal wedding trends
A lot has been said of the royal wedding. The dress. The kiss (x2). The hats. The guestlist. And did we mention the hats?

Just as Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ wedding launched several trends, Kate and William are paving the way and cementing a few other trends for weddings.

Here are some of our favorites:

1)   The all-day affair. We loved the idea of a post-nuptials brunch hosted by the Queen.  Turn tradition on its head. You don’t always need to get married in the afternoon and have a dinner afterward.  (It also makes for more time to celebrate into the night).

2)   Charity registries. The Duke and Duchess requested donations to a charity instead of yet another coffee pot.   They even created a website for their charity registry, located at

3)   Surprises. The couple pulled one over on the media when they left the Palace to take a spin in an Aston Martin, rumored to have been lent to the couple by Prince Charles.  These little surprises show the couple’s personality and keep the day about them.

4)   Classic cars. Speaking of the Aston Martin, there’s something classy and unique about taking a classic car to your wedding. Leave the stretch Hummer at home.

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