From Stage to Event Space: The Uniqueness of Hosting Events at Concert and Performance Venues

Unique Experiences


Webster Hall | NY, NY

In the vibrant world of event planning, the quest for the perfect venue is paramount. Beyond the conventional grandiose stadiums and sprawling outdoor pavilions that are the perfect concert venue for large crowds, there lies an eclectic array of smaller, more intimate performance venues that promise a unique charm and a tailored experience for any event. These venues, often repurposed historic sites, offer a classic ambiance and an architectural beauty unmatched by the modern-day coliseum. Whether you are planning a grand event that can host thousands of guests or a smaller gathering, concert venues and performance halls – both big and small – are the unsung heroes of Unique Venues, and planners are loving the uniqueness that they offer.

The Allure of Concert and Performance Venues

Small theaters and large concert pavilions offer a unique appeal that a hotel ballroom often cannot—an electric setting. The flexibility of having a stage allows planners to create a personal and immersive experience for any type of event. Product launches, event entertainment, fundraisers, galas, and even weddings, can find the stages of these venues to be a unique backdrop. This experience for guests will make any event feel special and ensure engagement with your audience. Another bonus, these venues often come with state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems built in, ensuring a high-quality production whether for a concert, a keynote speaker at a conference, or a couple’s first dance.

Speaking of lighting and sound, sustainability and modern technology play pivotal roles in these event spaces. These venues often lead the way in incorporating sustainable practices like energy-efficient lighting and recycling programs, and their technological setups are second to none, featuring high-speed internet, cutting-edge sound and projection systems, and advanced climate control to ensure comfort for all seasons. This attention to detail helps your event go from great to unforgettable.

The functionality of these venues extends beyond their aesthetic appeal. Many are equipped with flexible seating arrangements that can be adjusted or removed according to the event’s scale and nature, accommodating anything from a small corporate retreat to a bustling trade show. Additionally, these venues typically offer multiple rooms or areas, including VIP lounges and spacious foyers, which are ideal for receptions, breakout sessions, or small exhibitions.

Historical Charm Meets Modern Elegance

Many performance venues boast rich histories, having been the focal point of their communities in past eras as opulent movie palaces or vibrant theaters. Their transformation into event venues has been done with care to preserve the original architectural details such as ornate plasterwork, vintage marquee signs, and majestic chandeliers, creating a backdrop that is visually stunning, completely unique, and steeped in history.

The Regency Center | San Francisco, CA

The Regency Center in San Francisco has a fascinating history of being a Masonic Temple, the home to a dance studio and the Polish Arts Foundation, and even a movie theater, before becoming the landmark event venue that it is known for today. Today, you can book this architectural masterpiece for professional gatherings and retreats, weddings, social events, and more!

Tabernacle | Atlanta, GA

Another great example of a Unique Venue that is honoring history is the Tabernacle in Atlanta, Georgia. This former church was transformed into the now famous historic performance venue it is today for the 1996 Olympic Games. Today, you can rent this venue for a myriad of events, like holiday parties, private concerts, weddings, and social and corporate gatherings.

AEG Presents, ASM Global, and Live Nation Special Events Make Entertainment Venues Cool

Unique Venus works with venue management companies like ASM Global, Live Nation Special Events, and AEG Presents which operate a large portfolio of entertainment venues, like stadiums, arenas, pavilions, comedy clubs, and more. When you book an event at any of their unique properties, these seasoned veterans in the industry will ensure that every event is celebrated, offering experiences that resonate with guests long after they’ve left. In their venues, every event – whether big or small – is set against a backdrop of history, artistry, and unmatched ambiance, making them not just event spaces, but destinations in their own right.

You may not have known that you can book concert halls, pavilions, or performance venues for your events, but we encourage you to explore the potential that these Unique Venues have to offer. Concert venues promise to transform your special occasion into an unforgettable experience, some with their historical elegance and all with modern amenities like sound, lighting, and other advanced A/V equipment. We know that you’ll be blown away by what these venues have to offer!