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Finding the Perfect Event Venue: What to Consider

Finding the Perfect Event Venue: What to Consider

Arguably the most critical decision event planners have to make is choosing the right venue. The right meeting location and venue are the most influential factors that motivate people to attend an event. To ensure you choose the best venue for your event, examine the following considerations:

Event Type

The venue must be appropriate for the type of event you are planning. Certain types of events require a different type of setting than others. For instance, board meeting or press conference would require a more formal and professional environment than a party or reunion. Also consider that elements like lighting and ambiance to help set the tone of a space, and you can likely customize the space to suit your event.

Number of Attendees

While this may seem obvious, the number of attendees you have significantly impacts the feel of the event. While you won't have a finalized guest list at this point, you should be able to estimate how many attendees you can expect and choose your event space accordingly. The venue should provide enough space for your guests to be comfortable. You need enough space, equipment, tables, performers and other items. However, you don't want the venue to be too large and spacious, as it will appear as though your event is not well attended.


Cost is usually one of the most influential factors when picking a venue. Of course, the venue's price tag must fit within your budget. Before looking for venues, determine how much money you have to allocate to the event space. Account for all venue-related expenses, such as facility costs, staffing and equipment rentals. Many venues offer meeting packages that can help you save a little on all of these expenses.


The event venue and its ambiance will set the tone for your event. While planners have the flexibility to add their own décor to customize a space, you should also consider nontraditional event venues. Unusual venues, such as movie theatres, stadiums or museums have their own décor already built in. This not only saves you time and money on decorating, but also it creates a unique and special experience for your guests.

Parking and Transportation

Choose a venue that's in a convenient location for your event attendees. Whether attendees live locally or will be traveling in, you need a venue that’s easily accessible. Consider the distance and accessibly to airports, train stations and bus stations. If your event is not easy to get to, then attendance will suffer. The venue should also provide adequate parking space for guests who will be driving their own cars.

Nearby Attractions

The local attractions can help drive people to your event. A venue that’s located in close proximity to area attractions, like entertainment, recreation and restaurants, can encourage people to attend and improve their overall experience.


Before booking a venue, make sure you understand its policies. For instance, a venue may prohibit outside food and beverage companies, and require you to work with their in-house catering service. Or, the venue might not have a liquor license that allows outside alcohol or even alcohol at all. Inquire about the venue's policies, and see if the venue has exclusive relationships with vendors or if you can work with anyone of your choosing.

These are important factors to keep in mind when choosing an event venue. With these essential considerations, you can select a venue that meets your requirements and adds value to your event.
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