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Catalyst Ranch in Chicago

Catalyst Ranch in Chicago

If you're looking for a truly unusual meeting place to hold your corporate retreat or leadership training event in or near downtown Chicago, you owe it to yourself and your guests to consider Catalyst Ranch. Ranch? In downtown Chicago?  Well yes, and it's no relation to the old stockyards either! This wonderfully eclectic, outrageously creative, adaptive, inspiring space is the brainchild of some wonderfully eccentric and talented individuals who redesign the space, the sights, sounds and colors of this warm, comfortable, friendly environment especially for your event, meeting, gathering, thinktank or conference. They think far outside of the box, and the spaces they create are a catalyst for your corporate team or group leadership to do so too!  

This outlandishly exceptional, decidedly, markedly and irrevocably unique venue has received rave reviews from every guest, and even as far as the Wall Street Journal, which writes (of the space they visited at the time) "A bright red wall greets visitors. The games Kerplunk and Mr. Potato Head are stashed on the tables. Hammocks, a chaise lounge and hot-pink and lime-green pillows around a low table offer a host of places to sit."  Instead of a stodgy, stiff, stiffling corporate environment, companies are swiftly discovering that their employees do far better when they're in a place that encourages them to let loose and play.  The folks at the Catalyst Ranch work their magic to facilitate the ultimate in corporate retreat locations.

Looking for team building Ideas? Look no further, this top meeting facility is formerly a smokehouse and herring packing plant, this 2-story playspace offers environments that start at 700 square feet and peak at 3300 square feet.  Open, light and uplifting, each area is markedly different from the next, and all are ultimately enticing.  You can shoot pictures and video there.  You can let your inner child romp and run free!  

Creator Eva Niewiadomski is no newcomer to the concept. She'd made a similar meeting space for PepsiCo at their Quaker Oats location. She knows that bright colors and toys enact amazing changes in the way that people think and interact, but that most corporations aren't willing to dedicate space to facilities with so unconventional a design. So she created it in this huge Andersonville condo, and made it a welcome place for minds to meet. Ellen Taafe, VP of Marketing at Quaker, notes that "people are more engaged, even though they may have a Slinky in their hands." Judging from the rave reviews coming back across the board, truer words may never have been spoken.

People often talk about a venue being unique. Or inspirational. This one is all that, and so very much more!  People have their wedding receptions there. They have their business meetings, photo shoots, and celebrations there.  They reward employees, and create the newest latest thing, all at the Catalyst Ranch.  Book your corporate retreat, team building meeting, or leadership training event - or whatever it may be, for the most amazing, memorable and productive experience your team has ever had!

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