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An Amazing but Cost Effective Event

An Amazing but Cost Effective Event
Planning an event can be both fun and challenging. It all depends on which angle you approach it from. Each event represents a new set of goals and challenges to overcome and one of the most exciting parts about planning is trying to improve upon your previous events. One of the biggest challenges that every planner faces when planning an event is their budget. As an organizer this means being as resourceful as possible and tapping into the local resources around you to find top quality but cost effective solutions.

Many event attendees will often tell you that besides the location itself the biggest make or break part of the event is the speaker(s). A good speaker that is up-to-date in their respective field and able to eloquently deliver a captivating presentation can make an event a lifetime memory. For many event organizers finding the right speaker can be a difficult task to accomplish. There is the process of researching speakers in the field first and then you have to do research about each potential speaker. Once you've picked a speaker you have to contact them and negotiate price and arrange timing. All of this is both time consuming and expensive.

Fortunately for those in Nebraska the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in addition to having amazing conference centers has a unique and top-notch Speakers Bureau. You may be wondering, "What is a Speakers Bureau?" The university is a strong believer in free speech and began the Speakers Bureau in the 1990s after receiving their land grants. This program offers complimentary speakers to events being held in the area. For many event organizers such a useful and powerful resource isn't available locally.

These speakers are experts in their respective fields and actively engaged in their fields on a regular basis which means they're staying up-to-date. Obtaining one of these fantastic speakers is a "simple, straightforward" process according to Kellie Wesslund who is the coordinator for the Speakers Bureau. This is an example of one of those local resources which exist but many event organizers are possibly unaware of, which is a loss for them. Utilizing this resource not only guarantees that your event will have an excellent speaker, but it can drastically cut down on the costs of your event. One of the reasons the university is able to provide such an amazing experience is the desire of the professors wanting to share their experiences and knowledge with everyone instead of keeping it bottled up. To learn more about services like this one available to meeting planners regularly read the latest issue of Unique Venues Magazine.
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