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5 Compelling Reasons to Add More Days to Your Cruise Event

5 Compelling Reasons to Add More Days to Your Cruise Event
Today we have a special post from our friend Maureen McKeon, the Web Content Editor at Landry & King.

At Landry & Kling, one of the most frequent requests we hear from our clients is "More short itineraries, please." Four and five-night cruises from close-to-home ports are popular options for quick meetings and group events.

But it might be in your best interest to take a look at week-long cruises - especially when you're planning an incentive travel program or more complex meeting. Sometimes more really is better for the success of your program. In-depth travel experiences, a wider range of ship choices and more time for meetings and relationship building could mean a healthier return on your organization's investment.

Top 5 reasons to book a 7-night cruise for your event

1. More Motivation = Successful Incentive Program

When it comes to motivating sales and on-the-job performance, nothing beats a 7-night cruise to a “bucket list” destination. A shorter cruise to more commonly visited ports just doesn't have the same sizzle factor! A few extra days will give your attendees more time to relax, enjoy their destination experiences, and make stronger connections. They’ll return to work refreshed and invigorated, with a renewed sense of loyalty to your organization.

2. No Additional Time Out of Office

A typical 4 night cruise sails from Monday to Friday, while 5-night cruises depart Monday and return on Saturday. Most 7-night itineraries follow a Saturday-Saturday or Sunday-Sunday pattern, so your program participants won’t lose additional days out of the office by cruising for a week. What they'll gain is more weekend fun, meaningful travel experiences and quality time with each other.

3. Better Mix of Business and Pleasure

A typical 7-night cruise include visits to five ports and two full days at sea, ideal for scheduling your meetings and business sessions. Your attendees will have more time for adventures ashore - and shared travel experiences lead to increased camaraderie. Days at sea are also great for team-building events, casual meetings with colleagues, sports activities, or just relaxing in the spa or on the pool deck. And with all the included activities and entertainment on board, you won't have to worry about planning program activities for guests and family members- they're built right in!

4. Greater Variety of Ships

There’s nothing like the prospect of sailing on a sparkling new ship to motivate, generate buzz, and boost conference attendance. While cruise lines do offer some short itineraries on new or deluxe ships, they are infrequent. Choose a 7-night cruise and you’ll have your choice of fresh new ships, sailing vessels, river cruisers, mega-yachts, expedition ships, plus upper-premium and luxury all-inclusive ships.

5. More Destination Choices + Immersive Experiences

Typical 4 & 5-night cruises from Florida and the Gulf Coast sail to the Bahamas and close-to-home Caribbean islands. Short cruises to Bermuda are popular choices from Northeast ports, while 4-night Baja Mexico cruises sail from Southern California. Farther from home, you'll find some 4, 5, & 6-night cruises in Europe, South America and Asia, but again - these options are limited.

But when you consider 7-night cruises, your destination variety is virtually unlimited! You and your group can sail deep into the Caribbean, explore Alaska, visit Northern Europe or the Mediterranean, discover Costa Rica, take an expedition to Galapagos or South America - even travel to more exotic destinations like Tahiti or Asia.

So now you know.

When it comes to planning your cruise meeting or event...what a difference a day (or two) makes!

Maureen McKeon is the web content editor for Landry & Kling Inc. ( Since 1982, Landry & Kling has provided cruise solutions and custom cruise planning for ship buy-outs, incentive cruises, all kinds of cruise meetings, theme cruises and dockside ship charters for global events.

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