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3 Top Tips for making your Corporate Meetings more fun!

3 Top Tips for making your Corporate Meetings more fun!
3 Top Tips for making your Corporate Meetings more fun!

Booking corporate entertainment venues is known for bringing exceptional results. Business meetings aren’t always as gripping as they could be, but by investing in some novel ideas you can ensure that your audience is fully engaged with the content and come away feeling fulfilled. It’s certainly not unknown for meeting attendees to see events as unproductive and sometimes pointless, but by adopting a new approach to corporate meetings you can dramatically change their point of view.

There’s no denying that meetings are an essential platform for any business to move forward with coming up with ideas and implementing them, and by getting everyone involved in an exciting way you can make them more effective. One of the most popular methods for making corporate meetings more fun is to hire a venue away from the office.

Change your environment

Taking your staff or associates away from their usual environment can help you to energise meetings. Discussing ideas off-site can bring much-needed variety to proceedings, and whilst some on-site conference rooms can be small, sterile and uninspiring, you can choose from a wealth of different off-site corporate entertainment venues, which should make activities more prosperous. Popular activities for away days include games and brainstorming sessions. Playing work-related games can help staff to communicate with each other more effectively, whilst teambuilding exercises can change the way that staff communicate with each other for the better, working together to achieve a common goal. The novelty of being away from a conventional working environment should help people to sit up and take note, whilst making them more likely to contribute.

Teamwork exercises

It’s a good idea to arrange games and other activities that relate to your corporate aims. Any games or activities that involve teamwork can be effective, with the ultimate aim of improving staff morale and reinvigorating them. It’s important that any new positive outlook that results is taken back to the workplace. Many employers ask staff what they want to get out of an awayday before bookings are made, and ask for feedback about how things went afterwards. Many businesses that have struggled with low morale have found awaydays in off-site venues to be highly beneficial. Some companies have even found that moving their meetings to an outside venue – providing that the weather is appropriate – brings great rewards. Choosing an inspiring location should help you to ensure that attentions are captured and maintained.

Lay on some treats

Another step that you can consider if you’re hoping to make your meetings more engaging is to get rid of chairs. All too often, employees can lose focus once they have been sat down for a long period of time, and once boredom sets in it can be difficult to re-arouse interest in what is being discussed. Being creative with refreshments can also be beneficial. Treating attendees to special culinary delights at your meeting should make them feel rewarded and therefore grateful and attentive. Generally, the happier staff are, the more productive they become, so it really can pay to go the extra mile to reward them from time to time. Sterile and formal settings don’t always lead to effective, engaging and productive corporate entertainment meetings, but being creative with themes, locations, settings and refreshments really can help you to invigorate your workforce or your associates.

Author: Corporate Entertainment Professionals, UK
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