Casa Monica Resort & Spa
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Casa Monica Resort & Spa


The center of St. Augustine has long been the Moorish Revival Casa Monica Resort & Spa. It has been a hallmark of this historic city since 1888 and was once owned by Henry Flagler, a railroad pioneer, hotel tycoon, and co-founder of Standard Oil. The hotel was forced to close in 1932 as a result of the Depression, and it sat empty until 1968, when it was officially opened as the St. John’s County Courthouse.
The structure underwent yet another makeover in 1997 when Richard Kessler bought, restored, and reopened it as a luxury hotel in early 2000. Rich Spanish tapestries and gold-leafed archways may be found in the renovated foyer. Each guestroom comes equipped with modern facilities and furnishings that pay homage to the area’s long heritage.

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95 Cordova Street,
St. Augustine, Florida 32084