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Out’n’About Treehouse Treesort
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Out’n’About Treehouse Treesort


We are located on the West Coast of the United States in Southwest Oregon, and the closest major cities are Eugene & Portland Oregon, San Francisco California, and Seattle Washington.  Southern Oregon has one of the largest concentrations of old growth trees in the country. The attempt here was to make a living out of the woods doing something that you love without having to harm the trees.  Basically, trying to live in Harmony with the Forest.  We are trying to accomplish a culture of sustainability while creating an economy for the community.  This area is an old pioneering mining and logging community and we are trying to keep that spirit alive along with the trees and the wildlife. 

Our Philosophy is the culture of sustainability and environmentalism.   Instead of cutting a Tree down to get a sum of money – you use it for renewable sources of activities such as treehouses, ziplines, and scenic trails for the horses and rafters.   Our international success along with the fact that we are currently the largest concentration of TreeHouses in the World, speaks for itself.  

Out’n’About is a truly unique place. Part of it’s uniqueness has to do with that it is a home grown and based business. There are no locks on the treehouse doors. It is not a Ramada or Hilton in the trees, but is a genuine four star Treesort catering to both the timid and adventurous, locals and travelers. The Treehouses are only part of the 36 private acres of pasture and woods, right next to Siskiyou National Forest land & old growth wilderness close by such as the Oregon Caves and RedWood Forests. We have a Morgan Horse breeding ranch along with our riding horse stable, two rocking horses, 4 dogs, & 1 cat usually running around the property. Very family oriented and friendly you can find everything from a calm peacefull solitude, to a sceaming ride on the ziplines or giant Tarzan Swing.

Venue Location + Transportation


300 Page Creek Rd,
Cave Junction, Oregon 97523