Clementine Hall
Clementine Hall
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Clementine Hall


You gotta go your own way
Oh darling, Clementine Hall is a one of a kind, just like you.

Just a two-step away from downtown Nashville. Your heart will skip a beat when you see her beauty, but it’s so much more than just skin deep. Included amenities give you the convenience to easily create your boutique wedding or event, without the hassles of a bare bones venue or the restrictions of an all-inclusive venue.

Clementine Hall is a smashing wedding and event venue where friends, family and hangers-on have been gathering, celebrating, falling in love and sometimes getting drunk, since 1889. Lovingly restored and renovated indoor and outdoor spaces provide a brilliant foundation to express your individuality, so when your wedding, event or concert is over, you’ll be gone but not forgotten.

Venue Location + Transportation


4710 Charlotte Ave,
Nashville, Tennessee 37209