Ashland Springs Hotel
Ashland Springs Hotel
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Ashland Springs Hotel


When the Lithia Springs Hotel first opened its doors in 1925, it was a convenient rest stop for tourists going from California to the Pacific Northwest. Now, it is known as the Ashland Springs Hotel. The nine-story hotel, which had a blend of Gothic and Beaux-Arts characteristics, proudly held the title of highest structure between Portland and San Francisco. The hotel was renamed the Mark Antony in 1960 in honor of the adjacent Oregon Shakespeare Festival, which was becoming increasingly well-known at the time. But, by 1997, the once-beautiful building had been shuttered and abandoned. Several of the building’s historic characteristics were discovered and restored in 1998 during a significant makeover, which also added cutting-edge technologies, a chic conservatory, and a quaint English garden.

Venue Location + Transportation


212 East Main Street,
Ashland, Oregon 97520