Chicago Event And Sports Facility At Athletic Center
Athletico Center
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Athletico Center


Athletico Center is the Chicago area’s biggest and brightest new venue for sports and interaction. Conveniently located just 15 minutes from O’Hare International Airport, the 96,000 square foot venue is the perfect spot to create an engaging program. From unique corporate events and trade shows, to team tournaments and exhibitions, to fundraisers and social occassions, a program at the Athletico Center is sure to be a slam dunk. The complex offers a highly qualified staff, flexible event space, affordable pricing, and a convenient location which can accommodate up to 2000.

Venue Highlights:
-76,000 square feet of state-of-the art indoor turf, ready for soccer, rugby, football, softball, etc. as well as team building and other offerings. Trade shows, expos, sales, concerts, movies, etc. take on a fun, new spin in this space.
-Professional-sized basketball court venue (7,400 square feet) which can be converted for volleyball and badmitton but can also be easily adapted to a quite fancy or funky environment for meetings, auctions, banquets, etc.
-Outdoor Patio with stone fireplace
-Meeting Room
-Center Cafe featuring concession-style food and beverage options including beer and wine
-On-site Physical Therapy and Athletic Training by sponsor, Athletico Physical Therapy

Program Options:

By facilitating interaction in various approaches, we can help you to enhance communications, provide experiential training, deliver messaging, enhance problem-solving and increase camaraderie. Any program can be custom-created to meet specific goals. Programs can be as lighthearted or intense as necessary.

We can build a SPORTS theme around just about anything. If you are all about reaching goals, increasing performance, beating the competition …we can create a fun and interactive party ore reception that enhances your objectives while providing an engaging live event format. Packages like our SPORTS SAFARI incorporate elements that appeal to the athletic and the not-so-athletic…it’s all about acknowledging and playing to each individual’s specific strengths.

If your group simply wants to GET IN THE GAME and have a few beers (or Gatorades) — that is perfectly fine. We are happy to provide a fun GAME NIGHT or GROUP OUTING. If you would love a COMPANY PICNIC or FIELD DAY option with no worries about bad weather–we have the huge indoor grassy field and all of the activities you can imagine under one roof. We are also happy to host tournaments and games sponsored by traveling sports and activity organizations.

Venue Location + Transportation


1900 Old Willow Road,
Northbrook, Illinois 60062