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Unique Venues Has Free Educational Resources Available 

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Free Webinars for Unique Venues Members - Open to the All Hospitality Industry Professionals:

The Roadmap to Recovery Series Pt 4: Packing for the Journey
Tuesday, June 22 @ 2pm EDT | Moderated by Chuck Salem, CEO and Co-Owner, Unique Venues
Packing for a trip can often be the most stressful part of the entire process. What will the weather be like? Do I need all this stuff? What did I forget to bring? Preparing to launch meetings and events again may feel similar. What will the market for business be like? Do we still need to wear masks or social distance? What have we forgotten to plan for? While each venue and event will be different, we all share a similar checklist: restarting or elevating marketing efforts, revising contractual language, updating standard operating procedures, and communicating with clients. Using a team of industry experts and our own experience assisting clients with their individual recoveries, we will answer as many questions as possible about the items to include as you finalize preparations to open the doors wide on meetings and events again.

The Roadmap to Recovery Series Pt 5 (the finale): Hitting the Road and Adjusting Course
Thursday, July 22 @ 2pm EDT | Moderated by Chuck Salem, CEO and Co-Owner, Unique Venues
With all possible planning complete, it is time to hit the road! However, no matter how carefully you map out your route, adjusting course is a given on any long trip. From road closures and weather delays to side trips and new destination finds, the journey, itself, is often the adventure. It will be no different as we resume holding meetings and events across the world. Assessment and evaluation are critical at this phase to engage with attendees, planners, service providers, staff, and leadership, and understand what is working well and where a course correction may be required. Through dialogue with venue operators and planners who have already kicked off their recovery, we will share what it feels like to hit the ground running with meetings and events in a post-pandemic world and discuss the lessons learned or adjustments made along their journey so far.

Upcoming IACC Webinar: Multi-Location Meetings
Check out additional webinars provided by our partner association, IACC by clicking here.

Are you working from home with children? We hope that you find this free children's activity packet, created by our marketing team, useful. Our intention is for you to have an open dialogue with your child about the importance of individuality and being unique. Or, if you just need to use this packet to occupy your child during your next meeting, that's okay too! Either way, we hope you and your child enjoy what we've created for you. Click here to download.


A Communication Primer for Re-Opening and Ensuring Trust Association for Computing Machinery  An Open Discussion Presented By Partner Venue, Penn State Great Valley Centers for Disease Control & Prevention World Health Organization
Occupational Safety & Healthy Administration Information About Event Insurance & Cancellation Policies
Information for Small Businesses and Venue Owners
Association & Industry Resources for Planners and Venues Toolkits & Playbooks

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