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Unique Venues Has Free Educational Resources Available 

Educational Programming Video Playlist:

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Free Webinars for Unique Venues Members - Open to the All Hospitality Industry Professionals:

The Roadmap to Recovery Series Pt 2: Mapping a Route Around the Hazards
Tuesday, April 13 @ 2pm EDT | Moderated by Chuck Salem, CEO and Co-Owner, Unique Venues
Once you have been able to determine when meetings and events can resume for your organization, the real work begins. Even as restrictions are eased, there is no ignoring the fact that the implementation of meetings and events is going to be dramatically changed for the foreseeable future. Through dialogue with industry experts and venues that have been successfully holding meetings and events throughout the pandemic, we will explore the potential roadblocks to resuming meetings in COVID world and offer suggestions and solutions for navigating around these roadblocks as you plan your next events.

Campaign & Website Building for the Future
Tuesday, April 20 @ 2pm EDT | Scott Fish, Director of Growth Strategies, Unique Venues
Your website and digital marketing campaign drive leads and reinforce the brand that your venue presents. In this webinar we'll look at the things you need to consider before and as you start to build a new website or refresh your existing website. Topics will include, SEO, Keyword and Content strategy, website wireframes, and integration of operational and sales team content. This session is geared towards anyone that is considering or in the middle of revamping their website and SEO campaign. You will gain a better understanding of the process and behind the scenes needs to build a stronger website and digital marketing campaign.

How Not to Sell: A Sales Survival Guide 
Thursday, May 6 @ 2pm EDT | Rashad Daoudi, Author and Career Salesperson
As the meetings and events industry begins its recovery, there will be an inevitable influx of planners, individuals, and organizations looking to book and re-book business. This presents a great opportunity for venues and independent planners to refill their pipelines of sales opportunities. However, just because your pipeline is full does not mean you can automatically close the deal. Competition for business will be fierce as everyone in the industry attempts to fill their calendar with social events, conferences, day meetings, retreats, and every other event imaginable. Moving events from ‘opportunity’ to ‘contract’ requires patience, dedication and, most of all, a little luck in avoiding the common mistakes made by salespeople when pursuing a sale.

As someone involved sales and management for more than 15 years at the world’s largest education and technology companies, including Pearson Learning, Blackboard, and Salesforce, Rashad Daoudi has made plenty of mistakes in the sales process. So much so that he wrote a book about them called How Not to Sell: A Sales Survival Guide. The book details Rashad’s experiences and highlights the most common mistakes that result in lost sales, and how to avoid them. Having learned the hard way, he has refined his approach to make the most of quality opportunities as a current business owner and entrepreneur. Join Rashad as he shares stories from his past that are designed to teach, amuse, and sharpen your skills to be ready for the busy sales days ahead! 

The Roadmap to Recovery Series Pt 3: Building Your Travel Team
Thursday, May 20 @ 2pm EDT | Moderated by Chuck Salem, CEO and Co-Owner, Unique Venues
The best journeys are the ones taken with partners that are adventurous, fun, and willing to carry their share of the load. As you prepare to hold meetings and events with new requirements and expectations in place, it is critical to surround yourself with the right team. Building a team includes everything from restructuring your organization, rehiring staff positions lost during the pandemic, retraining staff based on new guidelines, finding creative solutions to staffing challenges in partnership with other organizations, and developing a strong network of advisors to keep you on a steady path. Join us as a panel of experts in hiring and training, for organizations large and small, share their insights on how to build the right team to travel with you down the road.

Also, check out some free webinars provided by our partner association, IACC by clicking here.

Are you working from home with children? We hope that you find this free children's activity packet, created by our marketing team, useful. Our intention is for you to have an open dialogue with your child about the importance of individuality and being unique. Or, if you just need to use this packet to occupy your child during your next meeting, that's okay too! Either way, we hope you and your child enjoy what we've created for you. Click here to download.


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