Maximizing the Value of Collegiate Conferencing

A Message from CEO, Chuck Salem

At Unique Venues, we recognize the struggles facing colleges and university campuses as they work to meet the challenges presented during the COVID-19 crisis.

Many may not realize that the roots of Unique Venues are with higher education-based conference and events operations, and a number of our team members have direct experience working on campuses in the USA and Canada. As an industry, we’ve faced many crises, including wars, economic downturns and terror attacks. However, this pandemic is different. It’s impact on campuses cannot be emphasized enough. Classes cancelled…students moving home…dining halls closed…summer events cancelled and uncertainty as the fall semester approaches.

Recently, the team at Unique Venues has sadly said goodbye to very dear clients as their jobs have been eliminated and their departments closed. This has driven us to provide this document to help administration rethink the value of campus-based conferences and events as planning for the future takes place. We want to make sure that the strategists know your value and maximize your potential now and post-pandemic.

We hope you find this position paper, Maximizing the Value of Collegiate Conferencing, helpful and we invite you to share this document with whomever you wish. If you are not comfortable sharing this with your campus administration, we are glad to do so on your behalf through a general email without any indication that you have asked us to do so. Please complete this short form if you want this document forwarded to anyone on your campus and we will do so with a general message.

Together we are stronger and we will all be indispensable to the meetings and events industry in the coming months.

Chuck Salem
CEO, Unique Venues