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2018 Best of Awards

It's time to nominate your venue for the Unique Venues 2018 Best of Awards! If you feel that your venue is considered tops in any two of the following categories, nominate your venue today.

The deadline to cast your nomination is May 4, 2018. Meeting and event planners will vote in May and June. Nominate today!

Winning venues receive:

• Feature in Best of Magazine (Dec 2018)
• Promotion to meeting planners, media, industry
• Best of Logo displayed for one year on venue profile
• Recognition at UV Annual Member Conference
• Recognition to supervisors, managers, stakeholders
• Feature in Best of Video

Nominate Your Venue!
If you have questions about the nominating process, please contact Member Services at 814.254.1310 or

*Winning venues member year must run through March 31, 2019 (the active period in which the BEST OF edition of Unique Venues Magazine is considered current).

Best City Center Venue – Venues that are located within a major metro area and take advantage of surrounding urban offerings

Best Earth-Friendly Venue – Venues that offer the most unique sustainable initiatives, beyond standard green practices

Best High-Tech Venue – Venues that provide state-of-the-art A/V services and/or had a major tech upgrade in the last year

Best Outdoor/Rooftop Event Space – Venues that have dedicated outdoor or rooftop space, with either seasonal or year-round availability

Best Small Market Venue –Venues that are located outside a major metro area

Best Renovation – Venues that have had a significant renovation completed in the last year

Best Conference Center – Venues focused on offering dedicated space for meetings, training courses and conferences.

Best Venue for Youth/Sports Groups – Venues that regularly host youth meetings, sports camps or any event for participants under 18 years of age

Best Venue for an LGBTQ-Friendly Event – Venues that work within the LGBTQ community to provide space and special offers for weddings or other social events

Best Venue for Expos and Tradeshows – Venues that offer dedicated exhibit space and provide services for tradeshow clients

Best Venue for Formal Affairs – Venues that regularly host black tie galas, charity events, etc.

Best Venue for Reunions – Venues that offer a location and services that benefit school, family and other social reunions

Best Venue for Small Gatherings – Venues that are intimate and especially equipped to host events of less than 100 people

Best Venue for Spiritual/Wellness Gathering – Venues that have tranquil spaces and wellness services that benefit either religious, non-denominational, clubs or groups

Best Venue for Team-Building – Venues that offer in-house strategic learning environments

Best Venue for Transportation Access – Venues that are located close to metro transit or provide comprehensive transit internally

Best Venue for Unique or Locally Sourced Catering – Venues that go beyond standard catering with original farm-to-table programs, food trucks, etc.

Best Venue for When the Meeting’s Over – Venues that have meeting space that also have a cultural, historical or other attraction for guests to enjoy

Best Event Package – Venues that have a standout event package deal offered to clients

Best Meeting Package – Venues that have a standout meeting package deal offered to

Best Venue to Film a Movie or TV Show – Venues that have had a TV or movie project film on-site in the last year

Best Venue to Gather for the Day – Venues that are specifically focused on offering 9-5 day meetings

Best Social Media Presence – This award can be for one social media platform or for multiple platforms that provided unique content, engaging posts, consistent branding, viral videos, and/or quality pictures in the last year

Include the Facebook address or @username for the venue

Best Marketing Collateral – Venues that produced unique and original marketing and sales collateral in the last year; it should display visual interest for the venue, as well as website and contact information, and clearly state what sets this venue apart from the competition

Upload the brochure or pictures of the marketing kit (file size must be less than 500kb and formats accepted include png,gif,jpg,doc,pdf)

Best Print Ad – Venues that produced unique and original print ads in the last year; it should display visual interest for the venue, as well as website and contact information, and clearly state what sets this venue apart from the competition. Also include what publication the ad was featured.

Upload the ad and list what publication(s) it was featured in (file size must be less than 500kb and formats accepted include png,gif,jpg,doc,pdf)

Best Website – Any custom created website that was unveiled or updated in the last year that offers unparalleled design, content, feature functionality, and usability; websites should also have mobile capability and the Unique Venues Certified Member logo should be visible

Include the name of the venue and the web url.

note: winners must be able to provide a high-res, relevant photo of their venue.
Talk to a Venue Specialist: 1-877-244-6110