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Pine Creek Retreat Center Team Busy As They Renovate Existing Event Space, Add New Recreation Space


Pine Creek understands the needs of planners and one of those is up-to-date meeting spaces! They have been busy renovating all of their spaces, starting with the Prayer Room: new chairs, new audio/visual equipment that includes two mounted televisions, portable stage, noise proofing the walls and door, and these super cool spandex table cloths!

The team shifted to the Mountain View Café, where they removed ceiling tiles, updated the lighting, added audio/visual equipment and have the ability to offer various table/chair configurations options.

The Pine Creek team was a busy one! They also sought to expand their list of outdoor recreation to keep youth entertained and organized. They constructed a permanent GaGa Ball pit and a 9 Square court next to their Outdoor Pool on what we nickname “The Island”. These two activities are a part of basic recreation, which is included in all groups’ retreat packages; can’t beat new, fun activities for free!