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Loyola University Chicago Opens First Green Residence Hall


San Francisco Hall- Loyola University Chicago’s first green residence hall

San Francisco Hall opened in Fall 2013 and is Loyola University Chicago’s first green residence hall and an integral part of Loyola’s new Institute of Environmental Sustainability. This residence hall is programmed to accommodate fourteen distinct communities. Two of the floors provide traditional double rooms of 60 guests per floor, arranged as two neighborhoods of 30 guests each. Each neighborhood shares bathroom facilities of compartmentalized toilet and shower rooms. A separate wing of the building features eight semi-suite units. Several of these rooms overlook the building’s light-filled EcoDome. A lounge, laundry facilities, and bathroom spaces allow sustainability programming by Loyola’s Department of Residence Life.

This LEED-certified residence hall houses approximately 400 guests and is available to rent for conference groups from June 1-August 1 through Loyola’s Department of Conference Services. Additionally, the building has a green café, greenhouse, and clean energy laboratory, along with many other eco-friendly features. Among these features are a geothermal field that uses the ground for heating and cooling the building, 50 percent green roofs, rooftop solar panels, and a gray-water system in which shower wastewater is reused in the toilets. It has also been wired with submetering at the floor level so the fourteen residence “neighborhoods” can measure electricity use and conduct conservation competitions. San Francisco Hall is home to “GreenHouse”, a green learning community consisting of freshmen and sophomores that take a shared class and co-curricular activities to explore sustainability.