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Why Rewarding Employees with Events outside the Office is Beneficial

Why Rewarding Employees with Events outside the Office is Beneficial
For a greater portion of the American population, half of the time spent awake will be occupied with work. Waking up bright and early in the morning and coming home as the sun is setting is simply the reality for many people. Unfortunately, this pattern of establishing a significant obligation creates a comparison between what employees have to do and what they want to do. The workplace becomes emblematic of obligation, necessity, and restriction – a negative identity when compared to the relative freedom of their personal time. This perception of employment can invariably lead to a general resentment toward work.

Fortunately, this perspective is predicated on a generalized system that can be altered. Researchers have found that there are actually many ways of increasing morale in the workplace that leave lasting impressions. These impressions are often strong enough to challenge the negative ideas that most people retain on the concept of working. In fact, several big name companies, such as Google and Genentech, are renowned for having the highest employee satisfaction as a result of benefits that do not include increased pay or shorter hours.

Of the possible benefits employers are capable of offering, holding events outside of the office tend to be the most effective. Such events have such a high potency because they directly challenge the idea that the work life is not part of the personal space. Entertaining meetings, rich conferences, or team building exercises make what was once an obligation seems more like a reward. Eventually coworkers and bosses feel more like family than distant individuals, providing a desire and interest in working together. Variability in meeting venues and theme options also keep employees in anticipation and diffuse any threats of tedium. Take the opportunity to consider new ways to mix fun into functionality and make your employees enjoy the company name.

Needless to say, as appreciation for coworkers, bosses, and the idea of work in general improves, so too does the quality of one’s work. Psychologically, people are more productive when they feel as if what they are producing is personally fulfilling in some way. The productivity of employees working because they feel as if they have no other option pales in comparison to those who actively want to improve the environment they are a part of. Increasing productivity, making your employees happy, and preventing future issues is as simple as preparing an event outside of the office.
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