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Top Seattle Washington Event Facilities

Is your group searching for meeting facilities in Seattle for your next gathering or event? As venues go, it just doesn’t get much more central than the University of Washington campus in downtown Seattle. The campus is enveloped by shopping, the Ravenna Park, and a cluster of unique shopping opportunities, providing everything you could want or need within walking distance. What’s more, the view is simply amazing, both on and off campus! You’ll spy the city’s skyline and the Space Needle in one direction, waterfront market in another, and snowcapped mountains off at a distance. Truly paradise! The campus itself features modern wood and glass alongside contemporary functional stylings and all the warmth and richness of the Renaissance in the massive chapel. Yet they all come together at one place, the University of Washington. What a truly unique venue!

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SeaTAC International Airport is 25 minutes away. Seattle proper is 3 miles off, and Bellevue is just 5 miles away. You’ve got everything laid out there before you — all the makings of an astoundingly successful event, and we haven’t even gotten to the conference facilities yet!

You and up to 1600 of your closest friends and associates will enjoy a warm greeting all year long. From June through September, affordable overnight lodgings are available right there on campus. During the academic calendar, off-campus lodgings are nearby.

These Seattle meeting facilities include a 1600 seat theatre-style auditorium. Imagine being able to put another 1200 people in one gigantic classroom setting! All told, there are 50 meeting and event rooms at the University of Washington. That’s a lot of opportunities for smaller groups and more intimate conversations.

As you might imagine, a campus like this spares no expense when it comes to technologies. You’ll find high-speed ethernet ports throughout the rooms, as well as state-of-the-art teleconferencing and videoconferencing equipment to help you take your gathering to the world, or bring them to you and your guests!

The catering is also exemplary. World-class chefs prepare mouth-watering delights to be served in newly remodeled dining facilities. Choose from the most basic to the most extravagant of fares — the choice is yours!

The University of Washington provides everything you could possibly need, all conveniently located in an awe-inspiring environment. Seattle is a city full of warm and welcoming people. The place is right, the facilities and services are amongst the best anywhere, and the staff is happy to discuss your group’s needs and work out a comprehensive package price. There’s just one thing left to do: Visit!

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