Tips for planning your outdoor event from the Cooper Hotel Conference Center & Spa

Conference & Business Centers, Special Event Venues

Tip one:  Have a plan B.  No matter where you live you have a chance for inclement weather to disturb your event.  Always have an alternate indoor space as back up.  Here at the Cooper Hotel Conference Center & Spa, one of only 2 Dallas locations suitable for large tent functions, we block indoor space as a back up. The event planner or bride has 24 hours pre-event to make the call to move the event.

Tip Two:  Check the Farmer’s Almanac for historical data on weather patterns to allow you an opportunity to change your date or plans according to what the weather is historically like on your chosen day.

Tip Three:  We recommend that clients using a tent for an event use a sub floor and side walls.  Tents come in all sizes and add-on amenities.  The cost is higher, but well worth it as it creates stability for set up, movement and dancing, but also helps fight off the elements.

Tip Four: Make sure your attendees know they will be outside so they can dress accordingly.  You may want to advise them to bring comfortable shoes such as ballet flats or flip-flops or better yet provide them in a cute display.

Tip five: Plan your catering menu according to the weather and season. At the Cooper Hotel Conference Center & Spa, we have event specialists that can assist in creating a menu that is not only delicious, but also serves well out side.