The Field Museum

As a event venue, nothing could be more unique than Chicago's Field Museum of Natural History.  Able to host from 5 to 15,000 attendees, and with 35 world-famous permanent exhibitions, the museum is incomparable.  Guests will first meet Sue, a T-Rex — the largest and best preserved specimen in the entire word!  Guests can then take a magical trek through some 13,000 years of human development, spying on our ingenuity and accomplishments in the Ancient Americas exhibition.  Evolving Planet brings some 4 billion years of history to life, and Inside Ancient Egypt's mummies and pyramid tombs are sure to be a huge hit!  Imperial China is shown off via a jade exhibition… the list goes on and on!

If there's just one place in the Windy City that you'd want to visit, you'd have to be sure it's The Field Museum.  This incredible masterpiece of architecture had it's origins in 1893, called the "Columbian Museum of Chicago."  In 1905, honoring the museum's first significant benefactor, Marshall Field, the name was changed to the Field Museum of Natural History.  The present location was established in 1921, and there it has remained, near downtown and on Chicago Park District property, at the lake and near the Shedd Aquarium and Adler Planetarium, ever since.  

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Though the Field Museum's intent was towards natural sciences, it has a considerable collection, including displays from the Columbian Exposition of 1893.  Since that date, the museum has collected over 20 million specimens!  As an education and research facility, the museum is world-class and its impeccable reputation has earned it a special place of trust and respect within many scientific fields. 

Your guests will be able to enjoy all of the magnificence that the Field Museum has to offer.  Any event held there is certain to be entirely unforgettable — the experience of a lifetime!  All of the elegance the world has to offer is found in the Chicago Field Museum of Natural History.  What an amazing venue!

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