The Coolest Place for Conferences & Events in California? America’s Coolest School, UC Davis

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The results are in and America’s Coolest School is The University of California, Davis. Sierra magazine recently released the results and named UC Davis the nation’s coolest school for its sustainability efforts.

With over 15 years of service, Conference and Event Services at the University of California, Davis specializes in corporate, athletic, special events, and offers logistical planning, on-site coordination, and all the amenities the University has to offer. There are so many things that makes UC Davis the Coolest School for hosting events and conferences:

  • A cool campus with a cool location. Located in the heart of Northern California, fifteen minutes from downtown Sacramento and a short drive from world-renowned vacation destinations like San Francisco, Napa Valley and Lake Tahoe, UC Davis is perfectly located for every event. With this fantastic central location, Davis's guests can enjoy a myriad of activities from touring a metropolitan city to exploring outdoor adventures, like hiking in the Sierras. The UC Davis campus also offers activities unlike anywhere else, for example, on campus brewery tastings, winery tours, and excursions of the raptor rehabilitation center.
  • Cool Facilities Set in a college town abundant with charm; UC Davis offers versatile event venues. From elegant to rustic, historic to contemporary, formal to casual, and everything in between, this university has facilities to suit any event.  From lodges, cafes, pubs, lecture halls, performance halls, studio theaters, auditoriums, pavilions, patios, gardens, stadiums and so much more, look no further than UC Davis.
  • Environmentally Cool Whether it’s research or campus operations, sustainability at UC Davis is a core value. UC Davis has established green standards; and has diverted 70% of trash from landfills. On the 5,300-acre campus there is an extensive transportation system that includes a zip car program, bike rentals and a student-run bus service. UC Davis also distinguishes itself with a Climate Action Plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, a Smart Lighting Initiative to reduce electrical use and by buying 21% of food from local, organic and sustainable sources. In addition, all new buildings at UC Davis are required to meet LEED Silver certification standard, and presently on campus there are four LEED Platinum certified buildings and five that are certified to the Gold Standard. As one of the nation’s leaders in sustainability, Conference and Event Services at UC Davis offers guests Zero Waste event planning.
  • Cool Events and Awards:

    • UC Davis has recently been awarded the EPA Game Day Challenge Award for their zero-waste stadium in which 6,000 UC football fans generated 900 pounds of trash, but only 90 pounds went to the landfill.
    • This past year UC Davis was host to The California Higher Education Sustainability Conference, which brought together nearly 1,000 attendees from all sectors of higher education with the common goal to learn about sustainability and it’s application on campuses worldwide.
    • With the wide range of event spaces, UC Davis is the perfect place to say, “I do!” For the past two years UC Davis has been the host for the grand Weddings&More Showcase that brings together brides, professional vendors and meeting planners.

It is easy to see why the University of California, Davis has been chosen as the “Coolest School.”  With such an amazing location, incredible facilities, their dedication to making a positive impact on the environment and as host to marvelous events, Conference and Event Services staff welcomes you to campus, guarantees the success of your event and reminds you that everything you need is right here.