Lesson 1 in Customer Service with Chuck Salem

Marketing Tips

This is the first post in a series on customer service and how it sets your venue off from the rest. Chuck Salem recently presented at the ACCED-I and IACC conferences on this very subject. With some great take-aways, you too could have an “IT” factor that is uniquely you. 

For starters, Chuck challenged attendees to evaluate their door sign. You know, the sign that hangs on the front entrance of your venue. What does it really say about your service culture? Not what you want it to say, but what it really says.

  “62% of people polled stated that customer service was the number one factor in vendor trust” according to Zen Desk.

Think about how you do business at your venue. Is the customer first? Are you busy just trying to fix problems, rather than being proactive in responding to customers? Over the next few weeks we will give you practical advice on creating a culture of excellent customer service that will set your venue apart from others.

In the mean time, think about this. We are humans so there will be error in our day-to-day interactions. That is a guarantee you can count on. The question is how will you handle it? Will you correct the situation and create an evangelist or totally bomb? Be in the business of creating evangelists.