Hot Leads Have Short Lives!

Marketing Tips

Everyday, I see the leads come in and go out and I noticed that uniquevenues.com truly attracts a wide variety of meeting and event planners that are organizing everything from Senior Leadership Meetings to Sweet Sixteens.  The reactions I receive from planners when following up with their requests, are as varying as the types of events they are planning.  Some planners are thrilled, they booked a venue and have moved on to other planning details, some are still searching because their first choice wasn't the right fit, and others are still waiting on a response.

In light of this, I really want to encourage all of our members to shop our Open RFP's, every week.  Planners are conducting new searches everyday and you never know, your venue might be exactly what that planner needs.  Even if the planner is not looking in your area – charm him or her with your state of the art technology, air conditioned facilities, beautiful grounds, or what ever your claim to fame might be!

Just because you didn't receive that lead in your inbox doesn't mean it's not fair game!  And remember, strike while the iron is HOT!

Shannon Glover, Lead Manager