Event Planning: Using Pinterest To Boost Your Business

Marketing Tips, Planner Tips

One of the latest social media trends is to use visual sites, such as Pinterest, to create boards and share ideas through the use of photos and graphics.  Referred to as “pinning,” creating online photo boards can be an excellent way to promote the event planning industry, conference, meeting or other kind of special event.  Here are some quick tips on using this latest social media tool:

  1. Create an account by using Facebook and Twitter:  In general, Pinterest accounts are created through social media networks by linking to an existing profile.  By reaching out through your established networks you can now connect with people who are already in your contacts.
  2. Demonstrate your culture:  Create boards to show aspects of your organization, such as your clients, employees, home office, and, most importantly, your events.  If you are highlighting a specific venue space, use your Pinterest board to show off the venue, including seating arrangements, accommodations, technology and media spaces.  Pin event planning tip articles/blogs on your board to boost your web presence and also to market your organization as knowledgeable in industry areas such as, green meetings, creative themes, corporate events, etc.
  3. Highlight previous events:  You can use boards to showcase speakers, photos of events, giveaways, menus, creative themes and team building activities.
  4. Find creative ideas for future events:  There are many Pinterest boards that are focused on design that can spark creativity.  Discover ideas and utilize “re-pinning” for creative event ideas, for example a themed event, centerpiece and decorating tips, and unique branding to create increased visual interest on your board.
  5. Highlight the event destination:  You can create special pins to showcase things to see and do in your host city.  This can be a great way to build excitement and help to promote an event.
  6. Utilize Infographics:  Add a few relevant infographics to again show that you are knowledgeable and informed.  Highlight graphics such as, registration forms, steps to planning a successful conference, planner checklists, and party planning budgets.

These are just a few first steps of creative ways that event organizers can use Pinterest to promote events and to engage potential attendees.  Studies show that people enjoy learning information through the use of visuals.  Pinterest is now an invaluable tool that event planners can use to highlight an event, gather new ideas, spark attendee interest and market your specific organization to a whole new group of followers!