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Communal Holiday Parties

Communal Holiday Parties
There are a lot of things that I love about unique meeting and event sites. The fact that they're not hotels, their built-in ambiance, their price point and affordability, etc. But there's one thing that these venues do during that holiday season that I think is just genius: communal holiday parties.

Maybe it's because Unique Venues is a small business or maybe it's the fact that I'm an entrepreneur and I just like good ideas, but I think the communal holiday party is brilliant.

Our company struggles with this every year. Where should we have our party? We're a company of 10 employees. In year's past, we've decorated our office and had our holiday party there (not ideal as it's where we spend nearly every waking moment during the week). We've had it at an employee's house (can't help but feel like that just creates too much work for one person). And we've had it in local restaurants (we always feel like we can't linger and our white elephant gift exchange just gets too rowdy sometimes!).

The communal holiday party really is the answer. Decorations and ambiance: done. Party atmosphere: check. Easy to plan: without a doubt.

MANY of our special event venues offer communal holiday parties. So if you're stumped on where to have your staff gathering or company holiday party, check it out. It really couldn't be any easier.
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