Whether you’re hosting a conference or meeting, Los Angeles has an abundance of event spaces and meeting venues to choose from. From the iconic Regal LA Live Stadium to the serene Occidental College, Los Angeles has something for everyone. So if you’re looking for an unforgettable event space or venue, keep reading to discover seven of the best meeting spaces to rent in LA!

Outdoor lawn area on UCLA's campus1. University of California, Los Angeles | Los Angeles | Get a Quote
The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) is one of the most prestigious universities in the United States and its campus offers an array of conference rooms, meeting spaces and gathering areas perfect for special events, work conferences, and corporate gatherings. You could even hold your meeting ‘outside the box’ and host an outdoor meeting on the beautiful grounds of UCLA’s campus! Whether you’re looking for an outdoor amphitheater or a grassy field surrounded by greenery, UCLA has something for any professional event. The university’s convenient location – only 20 minutes from LAX airport – makes UCLA easy for event guests and meeting attendees to get to.

Outdoor image of Belasco Theater in Los Angeles, CA2. The Belasco Theater | Los Angeles | Get a Quote
For those looking to hold a truly remarkable event, look no further than The Belasco Theater. This historic theater has been around since 1926 and its elegant interior design provides the perfect backdrop for any professional or social gathering. With two different theater halls available as well as multiple smaller rooms throughout the venue, there is enough space here to accommodate any size meeting comfortably. The space offers tech equipment for their guests to utilize – projectors, microphones, and custom lighting, just to name a few. The theater’s central location in downtown LA makes it appealing to guests, and is easy to get to, with so much to within walking distance!

View of Event space in BMO Stadium3. BMO Stadium | Los Angeles | Get a Quote
If you’re looking for something a bit more contemporary and stylish than conventional conference rooms then BMO Stadium is your go-to destination! Located in Downtown Los Angeles, this modern stadium features three floors of flexible space with enough room to accommodate any size gathering. Its clean lines and ample lighting create an inviting atmosphere that impress your guests. BMO Stadium boasts several stylish and premium club and catering spaces, stylized bars, outdoor event decks, 35 suites and seating capacity of 22,000. Find the perfect space for events large and small – your meeting here will not be soon forgotten!

Globe Theatre event and meeting space in Los Angeles

4. Globe Theatre | Los Angeles | Get a Quote
The Globe Theatre is a standout among other LA venues due its unique design concept inspired by Shakespearean playhouses from centuries ago. This exquisite theatre boasts over 4,500 square feet of space that can easily fit large parties yet still exuding coziness throughout. With red velvet curtains and warm lighting fixtures all around the theatre, the atmosphere in this space is truly unique. The Globe also offers in-house catering so your meeting attendees will be well fed during their conference, seminar, or corporate gathering.


Occidental College Meeting & Study Space5. Occidental College | Los Angeles | Get a Quote
For those seeking out peaceful surroundings then Occidental College should be at top of your list! Located in Eagle Rock, this private liberal arts college offers tranquil grounds filled with lush greenery – perfect background noise while hosting your business meeting or conference session! Plus they have several classrooms available on site which can accommodate up to 30 people comfortably – making them ideal spots for smaller gatherings as well.



Couple sitting in Regal Live LA Stadium 14 theater enjoying a movie6. Regal LA Live Stadium 14 | Los Angeles | Get a Quote
Are you looking for a unique and memorable venue? The Regal LA Live Stadium 14 is a great option. It features five theaters with space for up to 100 guests each and several private areas. It’s also located near many great restaurants and bars that can provide catering services for your meeting or gathering. If you want to host a meeting at Regal LA Live Stadium 14, be sure to utilize their  Concierge & Meeting Management Services – opt for a Regal Business Events meeting manager to ensure everything is just right for your event. Your meeting manager can oversee guest arrival, registration, distribution of post-event materials and more. You will also have access to all the tech needs you could think of – audio, video, lighting, and presentation equipment, with tech experts who can help!

Shrine Auditorium Conference Space7. Shrine Auditorium & Expo Hall | Los Angeles | Get a Quote
Last but certainly not least is the Shrine Auditorium & Expo Hall. When it comes to iconic event venues in Los Angeles, this space is truly one of a kind. This stunning Art Deco building hosts some of the most important events across all industries – so why not consider it as your next meeting spot? Its spacious interior can easily accommodate large groups while its grandiose decor adds just the right amount of ambiance and interest to your gathering. From expos to conferences, trade shows and meetings, and everything in between, check out Shrine Auditorium for your next corporate event!

No matter what kind of professional gathering or event you are planning on hosting in Los Angeles – there are plenty of amazing venues that offer exciting possibilities when it comes to finding unique locations for meetings or conferences alike – so check out these seven incredible places before booking one today! Have more questions about one of these amazing venues? Contact one of venue concierge for more information.