Boone Tavern Hotel And Restaurant Of Berea College
Boone Tavern Hotel and Restaurant of Berea College
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Boone Tavern Hotel and Restaurant of Berea College


Nellie Frost, the first lady of Berea College, insisted on having a guest house erected after receiving hundreds of guests in her residence; as a result, Boone Tavern was constructed in 1909. Now, Berea—Arts Kentucky’s and Crafts capital—is home to a stunning historic hotel with airy verandas, graceful white columns, and a thriving art scene.
Boone Tavern obtained LEED Gold certification in 2009 following a $11.3 million restoration. Modern comforts are combined with handcrafted furniture, baskets, and artwork made by Berea College students. Boone Tavern is now selling excellent wines, artisan beers, and renowned Kentucky Bourbons in the renowned award-winning restaurant for the first time in its existence.

Venue Location + Transportation


100 Main Street,
Berea, Kentucky 40404