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Church Group Event Venues & Retreat Centers

Fellowship is a high priority for any religious group, and each type of organized fellowship activity comes with its own planning considerations. Whether you’re setting up a community service project, weekend church retreat, or Sunday supper, here are some ideas to help plan religious group events and find tranquil church retreat locations.

If your religious group is performing a service project or hosting a fundraiser, keep costs low and be creative! Set up tables for registration or payment in the parking lot or on the lawn – or rent space at a community center or park for minimal fees. Recruit volunteers to provide refreshments and transportation if necessary, and ask local businesses to pitch in supplies. They may even host an after-party at discount!

Consider checking out viable church retreat venues that could be held at a hotel, country inn, or religious conference center for easy access to large meeting spaces, dining options, and overnight accommodations. If you’re organizing a family retreat or summer camp, many offer packages that include access to the dorms, dining hall, and athletic fields or equipment.

If your worship facilities can’t accommodate a Sunday supper, try to rent space from another nearby religious organization. You’ll definitely need a kitchen, but consider bringing tables and chairs to create a dining area outdoors or in a meeting room. Plan a menu that’s simple and inexpensive, and ask participants to bring dishes for a shared dessert table.

Unique Venues has a wide range of church retreat venues and locations that will accommodate any type of religious group event. Let us help you find one today with  assisted search!  If you need further assistance, contact us with your questions and we will be happy to help you.  If you need further assistance, contact us with your questions and we will be happy to help you: 1-877-244-6110.
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