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Technology: TekDry

By Selena Fragassi


We’ve all been there. You get caught in a rainstorm and your smartphone is soaked and won’t turn on again. Or, while trying to load a recipe on your tablet, you accidentally drop it in a pot of water—and, as expected, it won’t turn back on again. While a savvy few have come up with some creative hacks—like coating the waterlogged devices in a bowl of rice to soak up the moisture—they don’t always work as planned. That is, if you even have rice on hand in the first place.

Now, TekDry comes to the rescue. The Denver-based company has come up with a proprietary dryer that “bakes” your phone for 30 minutes, removing all traces of water and ensuring that all your contacts, data, pictures, and other media are safe and secure. You can find one of these revolutionary machines at a variety of retail stores, including 82 Staples locations nationwide. If one isn’t near you, there’s also the option to use the mail-in service within 24 hours after the “incident.” Find out more information at