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Happy Hour: Pure Frostbite

By Courtesy of Pure Lounge (Sunnyvale, CA)


This time of year, Silicon Valley’s premiere private event venue, Pure Lounge, transforms into a Winter Wonderland with themed props, from sleighs to snowflakes, ice sculptures and icicles, and polar bears and penguins. In the spirit of the season, Pure Lounge offers its signature drink, Pure Frostbite, which was created by in-house mixologists.

2 oz. Kahlua
1.5 oz. vodka
1 oz. heavy cream
Splash of Sprite

To prepare:
1. Fill a rocks glass with ice cubes.
2. Add the Kahlua and vodka.
3. Layer the cream by stirring with a spoon.
4. Add a splash of Sprite to top it off.

Makes 1 serving

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